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    Where to go If you don't get justice in ISC?

    India is a democratic country and everyone have their own freedom to defend themselves. When one don't get justice in High Court there are rules that the person can go to Supreme court and ask justice. However, my question is where one will go if he/she don't get justice in ISC?

    I know, an organization runes with their own policy and rules but what about the rule maker misuse their power? I have a serious allegation with evidence to post, but I know that thread will not take its breath more than a minutes and will get deleted.

    So, what to do in such scenario?
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    Be frank. Where do you go if you have some complaint against your parents or any other family members? If you consider ISC as a family and you as one among the family members, what would you do to get justice? Let the members bear with ISC rules and regulations, awards and punishments. Afterall, we are in a virtual world. Just leave ISC and rest. That's what the right solution to your problem. ISC did not invite you to join. ISC did not demand anything from you. ISC is not an organisation where you can fight. It is to quit if it doesn't suit you. Okay !

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    Well ISC is headed by three webmasters , one Managing Editor, Lead editors and scores of senior editors which make formidable managing team. Grievances of the members ought to be addressed by the management and that is the express rule. If you are not getting your complaint addressed by the editors, then you have the chance to appeal personally with webmasters through the face book page so that they are accessible at any time. What I feel that webmaster may not be aware of happenings and that are concealed and dealt with , with a hope that matters would get solved on their own. Hope for this thread the webmaster would intervene and respond.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Jeets's problem is - If ISC higher up web Masters don't hear his problem and do justice, where should he go? Where will you go?

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    Who said ISC web masters wont hear. They are not properly informed and hence they are keeping away. This thread will surely bring the webmaster to the redress table.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with SUN. In a family if some problems are there, we can't leave the family. But we will try to adjust. There in no way we can't force the big bosses of ISC to respond. Whether we like we will continue otherwise we will quit.
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    I think there is something missing somewhere otherwise seeking justice may not come in picture. Most of the members are aware of the ISC policies and directive principles. If we post or answer or write something which is against it they have every right and every reason to delete or block it and at the same time they are also not under any compulsion to explain the reasons to us.

    If that is so where is the question of complaint and where is the question of getting its redressal. I can not believe that an editor will arbitrarily or due to some grudge delete a post. What he will gain by deleting it? Or what is the advantage ISC will get out of that futile action?

    I reiterate that there is some fundamental misapprehension in asking justice when no one is at fault and also the dimensions of injustice are not clear.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Sun, how and why "my parents" is included in this discussion? What do you know about my parents? The discussion is between me and ISC and in such discussion bringing my parents is just not acceptable to me. However, now when you have included my parents to it, I would not like to compare them with ISC and its admin because their behaviors are just opposite.

    What do you know by family? Family is not run with "favoritism" and "biased" decision. A family run where everyone is allowed to say their words. A family where personal enmity kept separate when any decision is done. Above all, I don't consider ISC is family.

    It is the most safest way in ISC to counter with - "no one ask you to join ISC". How long this website will run with this "sentence"? I too wanted to quit or boycott but I feel this is not the solution for my problem or issue which I am having it here. So, as long as I am here, I would keep standing against ISC and its system whenever, they will do "biased" decision. If anyone is so scared of my talk, let them use their power and remove me from here.

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    You can send message to Mr. Tony as he is main person of ISC if you feel that anything went wrong for you then you can complain.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Santosh, Tony has his own preferences to whom reply or not. Had my query was answered, I would not have come in this thread. More over he is misguided by his own team. Whom, the editor will like his/her report will go accordingly the way editor think personally.

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    Not to get annoyed by my quoting of parents. It is a general usage while responding. I do not know ABCD of your parents or any other ISC member. Okay, Let me put it in this way - What I should do or where I should go if I have complaints against my parents or family members? Should I go to court, high court and supreme court?

    To me, I S C is a family consisting of educated members who can understand and act. Not to think of quitting the family and run away, hide and return after few days. A member from ISC should never think of the word 'QUIT'. Once decided to quit, the member should maintain it. I don't know how many times you quit ISC and rejoined. They were funny acts. Hope you understand now and act wisely, and contribute your best without minding other ISCians.

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    Although I have heard that ISC is a family, I don't think so. ISC is an organisation with which we (the Members) have attached ourselves voluntarily. By attaching ourselves with ISC, we have agreed to abide by general rules and regulations of the organisation. But totally partial/irrational attitude of some Editors does not come within the ambit of general rules and regulations.

    Every organisation has some grievance redressal system. The stronger this system is, the smoother the functioning of that organisation is. The grievance redressal system of ISC is not very good (at least in Forum section), so there is so much dispute in this particular section.

    This is my personal view as a student of management.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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