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    Should we support their deportation?

    Do you support or oppose the deportation of Rohingiyas from India? Share your views.

    They are originally from the Sylhet and Chittagong districts of present Bangladesh. They were settled in Arakan (now Rakhine) state of Burma (now Myanmar). They have not assimilated with the local population. Many of them indulged in unlawful/illegal/criminal activites. Since 2010, Myanmarese army has started taking action against them. They are now fleeing Rakhine state.

    Although they are originally Bangladeshis, Bangladesh doesn't allow them to enter Bangladesh. The Bangladesh army and BDR monitor Naf river and Teknaf border (with Myanmar). Bangladesh army and BDR shoot them at sight. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia don't welcome them, mainly because of their criminal activities.

    In India, more than 40,000 of them are staying illegally. There are evidencees that some of them are engaged in terror activities. The Government has ordered their deportation. The so-called human rights activists are demanding to allow them to stay in India. They are being settled in Jammu (not in Kashmir valley).

    It has been reported that India is being very intolerant to a particular religious community during last three years or so. These refugees belong to that community. Then why should they want to stay in intolerant India? Why are the civil rights activists want to stop their deportation from intolerant India?

    Why should we allow these Rohingiyas to stay in India, especially when all other countries are closing their doors to them?
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    It is indeed a starling revelation from the author concerning to National security. India cannot afford terror activities from its own soil. By giving refugee it does not mean that they take the law into their hands and create havoc here. Immediately they must be deported for their unlawful activities so far because one person can create wrong impression on many and indulge in anti India activities. Now a days youth are not having jobs and they easily fall prey to such anti national activities to which our Intelligence agencies must be watching their moves. Stern action is the need of the hour.
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    Deportation of these refugees is a Government decision. It must have been taken after considering every pros and cons. Therefore, with our limited knowledge on the matter, it is not wise to make any comment.
    But as has been stated by the author, when many of these people are indulged in criminal activities and some of them are even engaged in terror activities, the matter becomes grave.
    When many other countries, including their own, are not ready to accommodate them, then the decision of our Government seems to be correct.
    We should not forget that during Bangladesh war, our Government had accommodated thousands of refugees from there without any hesitation.

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    If their own country is not allowing them to enter their territory it means they are really dangerous. Already lakhs of Bangladeshi are living in illegally in India. These human right activists never say a word about Kashmiri Pandits who are living like refugee in their own country. But when it comes to a particular community they started barking like they are the contractor of peace and harmony of this country. It's not for the first time that they are openly supporting terrorists and criminals, earlier one of so called secular activist filed a mercy petition for Yakub Memon, the notorious terrorists who killed hundreds of innocent people.
    We are already facing a lot of problem because of the mistakes made by our great political leaders at the time of separation. There are 50 other Muslim countries in this world, why they don't go there? Why only India?
    You would have noted that even refugees from other countries like Syria and Irak are moving to non-Muslim countries and where ever they are going, terrorists activities are increasing in those countries. Why these Muslims refugees do not go for shelter in Muslim countries, they always look for a non-Muslim country. Isn't it a matter of concern? Is there any big conspiracy behind it?

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    I don't feel any thing wrong in Government asking them to vacate the country. When their own country is not allowing them in their country, why should we allow them. Irrespective of their caste, religion and community they should be ordered deportation. Human rights activists always come to the rescue of people who are creating problems. They never care for innocent people. This has become their attitude. When the native country is telling that they are terrorists and why should we accommodate them. It is no way correct. Really the human rights activists are intolerant to Indians. They don't want India to be peaceful. They don't want India to be progressed. I think we need not worry about these so called human right protectors. I think the Government orders should be implemented.
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    Dr. Rao: One such human rights lawyer, who is an eminent personality, has filed a PIL in Supreeme Court demanding stay on their deportation. So, this present thread.
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