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    Beauty of a language

    Ever wondered at the manner in which young kids acquire a unique manner to communicate in a specific language? Join in this interesting discussion with your own experiences.

    Language, as we all know, is a tool to communicate with others. The first language we know is surely the Mother tongue which we learn from our parents, particularly the mother. I always wonder the beauty creation of God and how beautifully a little tot gets to know the language. If you closely observe, none would teach him/her the grammar of the language but he/she gets acquainted with the accent and style and pronounces as if he/she mastered in the language.

    My neighbour is a Bihari whose two year old son always pleases me. He wishes me and speaks to me regularly in Hindi. It makes me so pleased that he speaks very beautiful Hindi which took me years to speak fluently, in spite of my affiliation with the language. What I mean to say is that the language, whether it is Hindi or any regional language, when spoken by little kids would look more beautiful with their kidding words which are error free. So, kudos to every mother who is the first teacher of a child. Isn't it?
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    Mother of a child plays the important role in any activity. The first word uttered by a child is Maa. Even when a child cries it utters the word Maa Maa Maa. Hence the language of the mother is known as mother tongue. The language need not be taught like a fish doesn't need to get trained in swimming. Even we place the mother in the first place as God as Maatha Pithaa Guru Deivam(Mother, Father, Teacher, God)

    I like this thread where you brought out the fact.

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    Yes. It is true that kids will learn from their parents more with mother. Even when the baby is inside the mother learns from the hearings of the mother. That is why people say with a pregnant woman we should speak all good words only. It is mentioned in Mahabharata that Abhimanu learned entering into Padmahyuham while his father is explaining about that technique to his mother when she was pregnant. By the time he completed the technique of entering, Lord Krishna stopped him.
    It will be very pleasant to hear the words of kids who will utter the words with more perfection and without any mistakes. Today morning my brother's daughter aged about 4 years sent me a whats App voice message in which she recited a Sanskrit sloka so precisely and neatly, for which I got amazed.
    Really we should appreciate the efforts of the mother for her efforts in tuning her children.

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    Yes, it's always a pleasant experience to watch a small kid fluently in any language even if the words aren't that much clear but the way the child speaks and speed with which he learns a language is one of the things that we can appreciate among the creation of god.
    It is a known fact that when we are kids we can learn more words and hence language but with age our natural skill of learning words and language gets reduced to some extent but that doesn't mean a elder can't learn a new language.
    It takes more time for an adult to learn a language as compared to a child but continuous practice can improve this skill for elders as well.

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    Yes children are most gifted in terms of grasping and remembering the things faster than the elders. One of my relative daughter who was right from her 2 year could able to speak Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English and also Telugu. Her mother speaks to her in Kannada so she knows that language, we speak to her in Tamil so she makes it a point to talk in that language only. At school she has to speak in English or Hindi and that is why she is free flow in those languages. And her immediate neighbor is Telugu and so she speaks Telugu fluently. Sometimes I test her skill in all the languages by asking question in particular language and give reply in other language. She does that with grace and without any mistake. So what I understand that modern children are using their brain to the hilt and their grasping and remembering power is superior and beyond our imagination. Hats off to their talent in remembering so many language.
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    As already pointed out in the above posts a child start learning language through mother. May be that is why we call the language learned by a child through mother as the mother tongue. This language gets registered in child's mind. Naturally anything new will be closely and clearly understood by the child if it is through mother tongues. Very often we forget this and force the child to learn through another tongue. This is a sort of injustice that parents are doing against the children.
    It is always interesting to hear small Kids speak in their own way. Many things we may not fully understand, but still go on speaking.


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