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    Pappu can't dance but do you?

    Do you shy away from dancing in public or love to do so? Tell us and share your experiences, funny or otherwise!

    No, I did not mean to indicate about any politician who is famous with such a name! I am talking about a famous and funny song & based on that my thread is posted here.

    There are people who are shy and not open to dance even in a family party or celebration. In contrast, there are jolly and fun people who just don't leave such occasions when they get to dance.

    There are also people who are shy and not ready to dance but as the rhythm and beats goes into their mind, they just start dancing slowly even if their act does not match with its tune.

    I am of the third kind of people who is shy and try to stop myself as much as possible to show my dance skill publicly, but once the rhythm & beats get me engrossed, I have no option but to start dancing to it automatically.

    So, what about you?
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    I think dancing at public place is very difficult I do not have that experience but if occasion like Holi festival then we dance with friends in public places.

    Other dance or garbha festival is navratri where lot of person come together and dance till midnight.

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    I am of the first kind of people. I can't dance in family functions or any other places. I feel shy for dancing and I can't open up at any cost. So far in my life I did it. The reason may be the way in which I have brought up by my parents. My father is a good speaker. I also learned the same from him and I am a good lecturer. But i don't why I am averse to dance.
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    What I feel that dancing should not be imposed but it must come automatically. Now all these nine days Hyderabad was agog with festive season of Ganesh Utsav. Right from the third day, there was Lord Immersion at one place or the other and while were passing by that particular pandal, the band beats would certainly attract us to be there for a while. And if the beat sync with our thought and demands, we also join them to dance. Certainly many are spontaneous dancers including me. One thing is sure, dance is the way of expression from our inner heart and those who watch us closely can grab our mind.
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    I can dance but I don't dance in the pubic places. I dance only in front of my lovely wife and children if the occasion demands. My wife don't dance but my daughter and son dance well.

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    This thread reminds me the old thread of my friend Mr. Kailash Kumar posted in ISC. any how coming to the point as I completely agree with Sun views in this regard.
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    No, I can't dance. I used to be very shy even to attempt. After coming to Delhi and after my marriage, I am now forced to dance in social occasions. But I do know that none has so far been impressed by my dancing ability.
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    Unlike many other states , dancing in social function was not a tradition or habit in my place- neither in family nor in society in general. Dance was made as a performance art event and not as mass public dancing. However music as group singing and solo singing was more in vogue.

    Hence people like me are also brought up in that tradition. I do not dance and shy also. However when there is dance and music, the rhythm in me comes out and unconsciously I start moving my fingers ,palm or feet to the beat and tune. But even that is subtle and not much displayed.

    It is only recently that the new generations,influenced by the filmy music and dance(Cinematic dance) that dancing has become a new tradition. Today's youngsters are more expressive than us.

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    I personally don't dance, I think it depends on one's outlook, the way we are brought up and the event or venue.
    We all as kids have danced at home, school functions and somehow as we grew some of us drew our own boundaries and slowly forgot to dance.
    When I'm at a social event, I commonly see
    1. a group of people dancing ( close friends/ family at wedding and group of kids)
    2. a group of people at the periphery who slowly loose their inhibitions and get on the floor to join the other people already dancing
    3. a group of people who stand at the edge or sit around the table, enjoying a drink/snack, enjoying the music and party atmosphere.
    4. a group of people who are to rigid, who either voice their disagreement or leave the venue.
    For me like see no harm in people dancing if they like it and as long as its not in-appropriate for the event and the venue, i would to sit back having an ice-cream/drink and enjoying the music and energy around me.

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    Dancing is my hobby. I always love to do it. I do not know it on a professional basis, but yes I do it a lot and frankly upto a good amount and I have learnt all from the television. And the just try to follow and understand what the actors or actresses do. As I love dancing, I can dance in public too and never feel shy about it.
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    Dancing is a way of expressing one's emotions. Though, it differ from state to states. In north India, people dance in marriage functions in family. When we were young, I used to dance during our Saraswati Puja procession, Durga puja procession which was our rich tradition. However, the dancing was never a force, those who willing to dance they were always welcome and those who do not, we respected their feeling. As per me, now i restrict myself to dance but sometime the music overtake me and my emotions.

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