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    Music chair game: Do you aim at the chairs or have attention at the song being played ?

    On the last day of Ganesh Utsav in Hyderabad, many street side Pandals have organized several programs for the people to enjoy and cherish their presence and one such was the musical chair game for the ladies. There were 12 participants and eleven chairs. As the song start playing they will go merry go round and as the song stops they will grab the chair near to them. But when I was watching closely some ladies are just staring and aiming at the chair and not giving credence to the song played. What is your experience on this ?
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    In this game two points are required. One is you should keep an eye on the chair and the actual distance between you and the chair. Second one is you should have an ear om music. Your mind should work spontaneously and give commands as required. So alertness is very much required. It is a very common game played in many places on many occasions. We used to conduct this game to lady workers in our Organisation on the incorporation day as a part of various special events. In many schools and colleges also for female students this game is conducted.
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    An interesting question, we all have played it as kids and sometimes at parties. I always thought it's a game where in one person have to loose every time the music or song stops. I think we should play it for the fun and the team spirit rather than try hard to stay longer! Having said this i think it more a game of co-ordination of our senses and a short reaction time. The key is
    a.focus on the song - expecting it to stop,
    b. the focus on the empty chairs closet to us and
    c. a fairly instant analysis of both and sprinting to the nearest chair available

    On a much larger scale a various points of life we all play 'musical chairs' at interview ( getting a job), work (getting a promotion or raise) etc and I feel it's the spirit of the game that's more important rather than securing a chair!

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    Its very interesting question to think about but as far as I am concerned I haven't noticed on what I focus most is it music or is it the chair. But I try to keep my eyes and ear open whenever I am in the game and enjoy it very much.
    Its really fun to watch and play how people try to catch a seat for them and this game is a delight for a children and when their is a prize for winning it becomes like icing on the cake.

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