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    The Roads are not Thirsty!

    Situation when I was in Madhya Pradesh

    I woke up early in the morning and I see women carrying water pots on their heads. We were kids then but even we used to help our parents in carrying water as there was a severe shortage of water. Though we used to carry in smaller vessel we did our best to contribute to our family needs. Those experiences made us realize the value of every drop of water that we spent.

    Situation when I was in Delhi.

    We had to buy drinking water as sometimes we used to get water after 3-4 days and we had to be very careful in using the water. It was a severe drought at that time so we learned to reuse the water to survive for longer days.

    Current Situation:

    These days in my neighborhood what I see deeply burdens my heart a lot and somewhere it hurts to see the action of the people.

    This is what I see them doing, women splashing buckets of water into the road from the fresh water that comes early in the morning to fill our tanks. Every single household splashes at least 3-4 buckets of water in front of their house.

    When I questioned them, this is the explanation I got- We have throw water onto the road as it is our custom to do that, the mud has to settle down, it will cool the atmosphere.

    Why O Why do we waste such precious water into the roads?
    Why O Why don't we understand that the roads are not thirsty? They don't need water.

    Are we waiting to conserve water when a severe drought will hit us or when the underground water will be depleted or till we realize that there is no more drinking water?

    A very humble appeal to everyone, please don't throw these fresh waters to the roads even if it is part of the custom. Every drop of water is precious. Reuse water as much as we can.

    Since water is a natural resource, a time might when we may not be able to buy water. Let's take action before it's too late.

    One part of our country is facing a severe shortage of water while in the other they are spending lavishly. Remember Roads are not Thirsty!
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    The author has presented the need of conservation of water in a way. Each and every word written is exactly correct and no exaggeration. Not only in villages but also in cities this habit is there. Some people connect a tube directly to the tap and leave water on to the cement road and clean with a broom. The water they consume will be very high. One day my wife requested the neighbour lady not to waste so much water, she quarrelled with my wife saying that it is my house and it is my water, why you are bothered.
    Today we are purchasing drinking water. After some days we may have to purchase ordinary water also. Finally we don't have water. Once should understand this and use water as little as possible. We use the waste water coming our from RO plant for vessel washing and other uses.

    always confident

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    A keen observation translated into a beautiful thought provoking post.

    There was a thread a few days back about Spaniards wasting hundreds of tons of tomatoes during the La Tomatina festival. It is a colossal waste or rather a criminal waste of a food item. But, the law allows it, because it is a tradition.

    Similarly, we in India have our own customs and traditions which we refuse to give up. Sometimes the traditions are illogical, but we carry on with them because we consider it almost a sacrilege to break traditions that have been followed by many generations, even if it involves wastage of water, food and money. We, as a society do not think of others. We are 'good' only in words our actions do not complement our words.

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    Using freshwater on the streets and roads in the name tradition is totally wrong practice and it should be abolished.
    When more than half of cities in our country are facing drought like situation and don't even get enough water for drinking and essential household work and in such a scenario such tradition seems more worthless.
    And if the whole purpose of this tradition is to settle down the dust and cool the atmosphere then what is the need of fresh water it can be done with the used water left inside washing machines after washing of clothes, or stale water in the tanker which needs emptying.

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    I fully agree with the author, growing up in a part of Bangalore where tap water used to come only at night times and few days a week, I remember going out with to the nearby borewell to get water and store in large petrol/oil drums
    Tapwater or piped water was used only for cooking and drinking after it went through the good old candle filters.
    The culture of conserving water is very important or else in the near future we would not have water to drink.
    I think like the public messages about accidents and drunken driving are shown on TV, bill boards, water conservation messages also should be repeatedly relayed on mass media so that at least it stays in people's mind.

    There are already cities in the world that have almost run out of potable water ( /cities/2016/jul/29/where-world-most-water-stressed-cities-drought). The recent Olympics at Rio, Brazil was hit by lack of good water supply and illnesses related to contaminated drinking water.

    I think water conservation should be a multi pronged approach

    1. At home : every little that we conserve helps
    2. In the locality o rneighbourhood: living in apartments or a local community, there will always be people who will be heard and respected, such people should be messengers for water conservation.
    3. Schools: educating kids about importance of saving water. It's common to see children ( and adults too) who is brushing their teeth with the tap fully open, Imagine just teaching the child to close the tap and re-open to rinse will make a huge difference
    4. City corporation: the municipal or city corporation should play a vital role in ensuring water conservation, rainwater harvesting
    5. MNCs and brand ambassadors: Imagine our favorite movie star or cricket star endorsing a shaving cream, watch or car. Now Imagine the same celebrity encouraging people to conserve water. It will certainly make a difference
    6. Social events: walk for nature, marathon for cancer survivors, why not have a water conservation day, a run for increasing awareness of water..

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    I do agree with the author that we are not supposed to waste water which has become scarcity and one cannot afford during peak season. In South especially in front of every home, there is a tradition to splash the water preferably mixed with cow dung and then create a rangoli pattern to beautify the entrance of every home. In Tamil we call the custom as Kolam. By putting different kinds of designs with the rice flour, we are actually feeding the insects like ants and thus it is the act of helping the insects with food. So by splashing water, the rangoli pattern would sustain its presence for longer time and that is must every day. By the way I wont think that many households would waste three to four buckets of water. In my house hardly half bucket of water is being used to keep our front portion wet and there is way to splash the water evenly without wasting it.
    K Mohan
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    A well-knitted thread based on personal experience about wastage of water and the need for its conservation. I fully agree with the author that water needs to be conserved and its wastage should be avoided.
    Water is a non-renewable source of supply. If we waste it foolishly, the day is not far when the availability of potable water would become a distant dream. The water level underground is rapidly going down and now one has to dig more to reach that level and bring out water for their use.
    The potable water supplied to the houses also draw water from underground and store in tanks before filtering and supplying to our houses.
    I have heard that in many parts of our country, people have to walk long distances to fetch water for fulfilling their daily needs.
    So wastage of water should be stopped at all levels.

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    I also think it is a colossal waste of water to use huge watering cans to water plants and pour gallons into the soil of a pot. Does a plant really require lots of water at one go? So much of the water from the can simply gets splashed around and thus wasted. I think most plants survive fine with a small mug of water and many plants do not require to be watered daily at all.

    K Mohan - A half bucket of water is not "hardly". It is quite a lot! Also, no matter the manner in which you throw it, it is a waste. I can understand wiping the ground just once with a wet cloth to keep it clean, the way we would do for the floors in the interior of the home, but why throw the half bucket of water to keep the ground wet?

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    Very nicely written post on the conservation of water. Water is a natural resource and we need to use it properly and appropriately. We should not waste it simply by throwing onto roads or also by keeping the taps open. We should preserve it , every drop of it. Plants also need water but in limited quantity. People preserve even the rain water in multiple ways like through Rainwater harvesting. Water is precious, save every drop of it.
    Do what inspires you !!

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