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    Contrasting characteristics of movies and serials

    In movies, the viewers who are watching a movie, will have the same age but the movie characters will grow from childhood to old age. In serials, the viewers will grow from childhood to old age, but the characters will remain in the same age as the actors portraying some characters are replaced over a period by other actors of lesser age. So, what can we conclude from this? In serials, even though the actors are getting bored with the characters, people are not getting bored.
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    Really so far I have not witnessed any TV serial continuously from starting episode to lost episode. In my house my wife or daughters in law are not at all interested in seeing these serials. So there is no chance to know much about them. But I know that these daily serials run for years together. So as said by the author the viewers are getting older but not the characters. The reason may the serial is dealing with a small portion of the characters as a serial but not their entire life. So they have to maintain the same age.
    But it is true the movie will deal with long stories which will happen over a period of years in a short span of 2. 5 or 3 hours. So there the characters are bound to become old as per the story. The movies are like reading a big book in 3 hours. A serial is like reading small book in some years

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