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    Learning is a continuous process do you agree?

    As we all know that learning is a continuous process there is no end to it we keep on learning new things from different sources as we already finished childhood studies but we can still learn some new things from our children study materials as my daughter is studying first class as some times refer her study materials I find several unknown things from her study materials and I was really happy when I know these things from her text books.Do you come across the same scenario that you learn so many things from your Children or Neighbouring children's study materials?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes, learning is a continuous process and there is no end to it. Since childhood and till the end of life, we keep on learning new things from different sources.
    Rabindranath Tagore, the first Nobel Prize winner in literature from Asia and one of the greatest poets our country has ever produced, had once said, "I couldn't get even a drop water from the vast ocean of knowledge.'
    Soon after birth, a child starts learning; first from its mother, then from the surroundings and afterwards from teachers, parents, relatives, friends and even from unknown people.
    The process of learning continues and the knowledge he acquires, is collected in his brain as experience. It goes till the very end of his life

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Yes when we were children the topic and portions were not vast and when we see the books of present era children, surely much can be learned from it. When education is considered as a ocean , we are tend to learn as much as possible during life time and there is no limit for learning. The more you learn , the more competent you are to compete with others. Otherwise you will be down played by the society. By the way going through the books of children we can learn new words, our vocabulary can be enhanced and above all new sort of information with poems and moral stories are lined up interestingly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Its true that learning is contentious process the reason is frequent changes in technology . You can not retain your job if you stop learning because daily you will get new challenges so if you will not learn then you will not able to resolve issues.

    If your field is related to information technology then you have to learn new technology version continuously otherwise you can not be remain active in your job.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    It is a well known fact that learning is a continuous process. The moment you are in your mother, you will start learning and it will be stopped only when you had your last breath. We learn many things from the people who are younger to us. I learned some HTML links from my daughter in law. I learned some computer techniques from my son. I learnt cooking from my wife. I learned English names of various vegetables and fruits from my son's text books. We can learn many things from the people around us. I studied many new aspects of science technology through various books and web sites from internet.
    These days professional require always upgrade of their knowledge in the developing fields. We have to look around about the happenings in our field and learn the new developments in our field. Then only you can be front runner. If you simply depend on your college education, competing in the modern world will become an hectic task. So everybody should understand the importance of learning and continue learning.

    always confident

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    In Tamil there is a saying 'katrathu kaiyalavu, kallaathathu kadalalavu' as told by famous tamil poet Avvaiyar, which means the learned is our fist level but the unlearned is ocean level. Similarly another saying,'Yettuchuraikkkai karikkuthavaathu' which means mere book reading is not enough for practical working which is highly applicable now as the practical working differ from company to company and the same is vary from whatever the learned in college/schools through books. So, their learning process is continues at all levels.

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    Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
    Learn as is you were to live forever.. Mahatma Gandhi.

    Yes I fully agree. Learning always doesn't mean only school-college education. In fact man(and woman) learns a baby developing in mother's womb ( a child observing and interacting at home a student from teachers a parent from children (Yes kids can teach us a thing or two!) a human interacting with humans,animals and nature
    6.Last but perhaps the best is learning from life and we live our lives!

    In today's world of media driven news coverage, papers, TVs, what's forwards are often focussed on crimes, scams, killings,suicide, accident deaths so on and so forth. Instead, just for a day pick up your favourite book,google about something you didn't know, interact with kids and nature, then see the difference you would have certainly learnt something.

    One other important fact we have to imbibe to your children and youngster is that Learning does not equate to a good job, does not equate to earning money.They should understand that learning is for a lifetime, facts to be stored in a corner of our wonderful brain to be used to enrich our lives (health,emotional and spiritual well being).

    For adults and senior citizens, nurturing a hobby, sharing one's experience with people around you would certainly be learning in both directions.

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    Learning is, no doubt, a continuous process. Actually once a baby is born his/ her learning also begin. Every second the baby gathers something first from mother. And slowly from others.
    We all know that elder persons do learn continuously. It does not mean learning from school or college. After the basic education one enters in a profession which may not have learned by him. Hence the individual starts learning several several new things. Like this at every stage one has to learn. Even after retirement many things have to be learned. So a human being go on learning from the time of birth till death time.


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    Everybody knows that learning is a continuous process, but very few of us want that continuity. So far as my daughter's books are concerned, I try to go through them regularly, because I occasionally teach her. I do try to remember interesting facts mentioned in those books.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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