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    Talking a few things about Self Assessment

    How do you self assess yourself on the grounds of a human being, or in your work culture? How do people form an image of you, how they perceive you?
    A lot of these things are included when we self assess ourselves. We had a sort of training session in our organization regarding the same. The session named as "Self assessment and self leadership"- this was both based on personal and work perspective. We kept talking about a lot many things as a human, that how should we assess ourselves to be human being that we want to be. We came around a lot many things like what are the qualities that we think that we want the other person also to think about us. There were many like "Trust, loyalty, humility, politeness, honesty." Many more positive qualities that we want to have and we also want the other person to have that impression or image of us. This was totally based on what is called as "Image Management" or "Impression management". This plays a lot important role in everybody's lives both personally and officially.
    There are basically 2 types of image that a person will form of you by interacting with you simply.
    First one is the "Assumed image" - this type of image is formed just based on the assumptions that one person has in his mind based on your behavior, attitude, how you work and how you take things up.
    The second one is our "Proven image" - it is the image that tells who we actually are and it comes by proving means that what we say and how we are committed to that. Meaning that we prove and we kept the promise that we made to anyone. We kept our values.
    In order to be working effectively or even living happily, we always have two things in mind - the first one is "what people think about us when we are not in front of them" and the second one is - "what we are worried about how people think about us when we are not in front of them".
    In order to balance both of them, we need to inculcate in ourselves the values that we want people to think about us and for that we need to act in the same way.

    This is just a little part on self assessment, I will try to share some more details on it with all of you.
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    Self assessment has to be done by every one who are bound to mistakes and thereby learn from them. It is the fact that self assessment need the vision supported by the values and by virtue of needs and skills some great principles are followed by achievers, who have never failed in their life. It is always better to criticize the self instead of some one pointing out the demerits and expectations. Before going to bed, just revive the entire things that went on since morning and how you have have carried out and with whom. Suddenly you will find some glaring mistakes that were gone unnoticed by others but you know them. Take that positively and try to implement next time. This way one will learn from self probing. By the way always open up to suggestion and critical appraisal of yourself by others and that will be the greater booster for your progress to future.
    K Mohan
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    Self assessment is very vital for any individual. Every body should assess them periodically and try to get improved on their weaker sections. Strengths(S), weaknesses(W), Opportunities(O) and threats(T) are the four things we should know always. You should have a clear idea about what are your strengths. In which area you can excel and grow. You should try to see that you goals you take should be able to utilise your strengths for achieving them. Then you should also know what are your weak points. Try and sort out a method to convert all your weakness to strong points. There may be so many opportunities around you to show case your abilities. Think of those opportunities and try to grab that opportunity at the earliest so that you can make your presence felt by everybody. In this world or organisation always there will be some threats to pull you back. Identify those threats and try to convert them as your opportunities so that you can flourish in your life.
    Self assessment is made by you for you and for your improvement. Periodically you should do it and convert your weaknesses to your opportunities.

    always confident

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