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    Is teacher autonomy still a distant dream?

    Teacher autonomy is the professional independence a teacher is allowed with respect to his or her teaching methods and the academic support he or she provides.
    In India, there are many boards at the national level and state levels.with different curriculum.Most schools promote classroom teaching whereas some are going for virtual classrooms with modern facilities.
    But, are the teachers really given the freedom of expression which they deserve in their Nobel profession?
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    I don't think there are restrictions on freedom of teaching as long as the teacher is teaching as per the syllabus and dealing with the children in such a way they will get educated and will become a good citizen loyal to the country. I am not from teaching profession. As far as my knowledge goes the teachers are always supposed to imbibe good habits to the students. In addition to that a teacher has to see that the student will understand the subject correctly and should be able to score good marks for his further prospectus.
    Probably you are talking about the deciding of curriculum and examination methodology etc. I think in these aspects also a committee comprised of some teachers and others will be playing an important role.

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    A Teacher teaches with same excitement and eagerness, the eagerness that is there in a student to learn. Today, teaching methods have changed a lot. Earlier it was the usage of simply chalks and black board. That served as the best mode for teaching. Easy to explain and can make students to learn also. While today, everything is explained through presentations , or in case of virtual classrooms, they simply explain things to the student with the help of a projector. It is also a good way of learning which utilizes less efforts from the end of a teacher. I also think that teachers will not have any impact from this. Rather learning has been made much easier
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    I wont agree with the author that there is no teacher autonomy existing and it is the fact that teachers are not exploiting their potential to full fearing more work being given or assigned by the management. New methods of teaching, understanding level of teaching and teaching with best examples and personal experience and that includes field trips are the best way to impart education by a known teacher. Often we find the teacher sitting in the chair the class monitor is taking the session as if she is not paid. If that is the situation where the creativity would come and how she can transform the students. Curriculum may be International, it may be Central or it may be state subject, it all depends on how the teacher knows the subject in depth and how she conducts the class with her vast experience.
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