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    How RBI do all this type of silly things?

    Presently RBI released 200 rupees currency notes and people appreciated this effort of RBI thinking that it solve their money exchange problem. After printing 90 lakhs crores of currency RBI realized it cannot be fit into present ATM's for public issue. For this RBI has to modify the slots of all the ATM's in the country which takes at least 6 months time. Previously the same thing happened with 500 and 2000 currency notes. After seeing this RBI stopped the release of 200 currency notes at present. Without giving a proper thought why RBI doing such silly things. What is your opinion folks?
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    I just cannot understand as to how the RBI which was considered the most professional banking system in the world would falter by not gauging the opposite reaction of its every action. RBI must know that the ATM's are mostly operated by private sector banks and even Public sector banks to have spade network of their ATM's across the country. Now to change the tray, they will be incurring loss and also time. And the cost of replacing such trays would be passed on to the account holders to share the expense. Fed up with RBI actions and they are unable to see the future of its reaction.
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    Silly mistakes are causing a lot. When we made a mistake with 500 rupee notes and 2000 rupee notes there was a big delay in operating ATMs as they were to calibrate with the new notes for which some modifications were to be carried out. OK. That is a lesson to them. But they have not ;learned the lesson. Again the same mistake is repeated. This is very serious. Government should take this flaw very seriously and take action on the concerned. Otherwise the same mistake will be happening repeatedly. This speaks the carelessness of senior employees working in RBI, who are responsible for these modifications.
    RBI, such a prestigious bank controlling the whole financial system of the biggest democratic country in the world, is doing these kind of mistakes may send a wrong signal to the public. How many mistakes are being committed by them which are not coming to our notice. I think there is no holistic approach in the planning of RBI. Some big shuffling is required , I suppose.

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    Their decision is ne'er-do-well and vague. If such notes come to exist, then they will put us to considerable inconveniences. Introducing digital transaction isn't enough since not all shopkeepers are literate enough to go for digital transaction whole others have no bank accounts.

    RBI is just wasting their efforts.

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    Answer is very simple. Big people commit only very big mistakes. RBI has already learned a lesson of ill fitting of 2000 and new 500 rupee currency notes into ATM machines. Having not realised the past, RBI has committed another mistake of printing 200 rupee currency notes of ill fitting size.

    All the currency notes should be of the same size in different colours and text for easy handling of money in any manner.

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