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    Cleanliness is next to godliness

    We all know the importance of cleanliness. Everyone want to appear neat and clean. Every housewife always tries to keep the house clean. All teachers advise their students to come with neat and clean dress. Even our Prime Minister has announced swatch Bharat.
    We all treat God is the ultimate super power in the universe and he will decide and dictate the whole world. Every one of us gives utmost respect to GOD. We go to temples all around to pay God.
    Knowledgeable people say that the important factor in our life is cleanliness after God. They say if you are not clean and if you are not keeping your house clean God will never recognise your good work.
    So it is our duty keep our house and ourselves very clean. In addition to that if we can give importance to cleanliness in common places and public places, our country will also become a neat country and God will live forever to see that India will prosper. So my request is,"Be Clean and Maintain cleanliness."
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    In Tamil there is a saying 'sudhdham sOru Podum' which means cleanliness feed us. In most of the houses there was a practice of cleaning the house with cowdung and haldi powder daily or atleast on fridays and tuesdays. Besides this daily they used to clean the floor after finishing the dinner and lunch. But when the dining table practice introduced, that system is getting vanished. Later the people start mocking those who follows the system as very conservative. It is making to laugh by seeing that those mocked the system are just saying about cleanliness and hygienic.

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    A very apt thread for current Indian scenario that if followed can transform our country.

    When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches Godliness... Mahatma Gandhi.

    All of us talk about cleanliness and some of us do the opposite
    1. spitting pan on the roads and compound walls
    2. dumping garbage in the nearest vacant plot
    3. throwing away papers and food wrappers anywhere and everywhere
    4. littering in a beautiful nearby park
    5. writing graffiti on sacred and heritage monuments..
    6. throwing cigarette butts and alcohol bottles at streets
    .... the list can keep growing but i think the message is clear

    If one tries to make an attempt to understand why this happens, then the reasons would be

    1. a disdain approach to cleanliness
    2. Widely varying levels of civic sense and responsibilities
    3. an attitude. why should i not do it, everybody does the same
    4. changing myself will not make a difference
    5. No punishment ( fine or warning), nobody questions these actions.

    Only when we change this approach and achieve physical cleanliness at our homes, our neighborhoods and our villages and cities, then we can move on to the next level : spiritual cleanliness. cleanliness of thought, mind,action and deeds.

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    Yes there is no denial or any one say against the cleanliness and it is our express duty to keep the surroundings clean and green. Just now Hyderabad has experienced the Ganesh Immersion celebrations on a grand scale and one can imagine how 25,000 big idols were immersed in Hussain Sagar, and the idols which were from all corners of the city travelling and surpassing many junctions have not only damaged roads but also thrown lots of rubbish as the Ganesh Utsav organizers have distributed free food, water and other items and the remains were thrown on the roads. It needs at least three to four days for the GHMC to clean the entire city and the garbage would be at least 15 times of daily collection from the city. So when it comes to public festivals of this kind, the damage to the roads are imminent and we have to wait for the authorities to sanction and relay the roads.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a phrase that I remember from my childhood. It was often part of the homily (sermon) given during the children's Mass (Church service). My interpretation of the saying is therefore based on my experience with it.

    Cleanliness here goes beyond the physical cleansing of our bodies and the spaces around us. Every culture supports that kind of cleanliness. The cleanliness in this phrase has a greater connotation – it is the cleanliness of the heart, of thoughts, of deeds and actions, of words… We cannot exhibit 'godliness' if we are unclean from within.

    Physical cleanliness is superficial, it is the cleanliness of the real us, that can be compared with holiness. Our thoughts and our actions etc. should be clean, only then can we be godly. Remember, God does not look at our physical bodies or the surrounding we maintain, He looks at the goodness that we carry, the love and compassion that we have for our fellowmen.

    If I enter a Church all bathed and clean but have a feeling of ill will against others I am neither clean nor godly.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    That is true. This phrase goes beyond the physical cleanliness. But I have not gone to that extent intentionally only and I limited my description only to physical cleanliness. Many of us are not giving importance to the physical cleanliness out side our house. Even when we go to temples or other places of worship the cleanliness is not visible. So I want to focus on that issue. However it is good that other members responded with their views which covered the other part also. Thank a lot.
    always confident

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