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    How to enhance our vocabulary

    I have found some of the writings of ISC members are taken as knitting new vocabulary. I seek some secrets that how to pump new vocabulary in our postings or writings in English language.
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    Try to go through this article. Hope it would be useful to you to improve speaking / writing skills in English.
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    Start reading standard English news papers, going through some standard English novels and other books. Read the articles from this ISC. Keep an English dictionary by the side of you to refer the meanings of unknown words. Practice those words by making sentences of your own. This is how I am trying for more knowledge on language. I hope you may also appreciate the system. If it suits you you can also try the same.
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    Improving upon English speaking and writing wise needs to be done on regular and daily basis for that one has to read lots of books, news papers and converse with old generation people who are well versed with some new words and usage of apt words even in normal conversation. The richness of English language is that, one can convey the feelings in different way to the understanding level of the listeners and followers. There cannot be prescribed book or suggestion, it all depends on ones own interest and learn good new words and remembering them to use at the right place of speaking and writing.
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    Enhancing vocabulary is a continuous and life-long process. The more you read, the more your remember new words, the more you learn the usage, the more strong your vocabulary would be. This is the general rule applicable for all languages.
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    My paternal uncle,who was a doctorate,to encourage us(doing college course)used to sit in the mornings for half an hour with english newspaper and wrote five new words and wrote the meaning for that words from dictionery both in english as well tamil. In this method we learnt many words.

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    I completely agree with Partha Sir. 'Enhancing vocabulary is a continuous and life-long process and needs constant practice'. As long as we don't' learn the usage of the new words that we learn everyday, there's no use of it as we might forget them soon. Hence, the writing part also play a prominent role in our learning.
    The simplest rule of increasing vocabulary level is:
    1. Learn some new words everyday.
    2, Use each word to make as many sentences as you can.
    3. If possible, try to use the words in conversation also.
    If someone follows the three simple steps regularly for one month, it would do wonders.

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    Great that the author has come out with this request. Many of us including myself have struggled initially and with practice have become 'readable and bearable'. There is always many means and modes to learn anything including learning and improving any language. Many of us will have some different insight based on our experience in improving our English skills

    As a child at school often I didn't like reading and writing English, but had to do it repetitively like a parrot. My handwriting was far from decent. Hence I used to write and re-write ( Rough class work to Neat class work).

    Somewhere in the middle of 10-12 th standarad one of our English teacher used to say that the best way to learn a language is first to speak, then read and then write ( basic common core words and phrases to bigger sentence)

    A few years ago, I had to take up IELTS English exam and get a score of 7.5. Here, at first i was a little confused seeing the test pattern, then I understood the reasoning behind it. It included

    1. Listening

    It reminded me of my teacher and I must admit after the exam, my overall skills improved a lot. So if one has to apply the same analogy and

    1. start reading English newspapers, articles, ( I find editorials and invited articles are of a high standard of creative writing and vocabulary) and novels ( i love legal/ thriller novels and have learn't a lot - John Grisham, Jeffery Archer)

    2.have conversations in English and you will see that many new words and phrases are used that can easily be picked up

    3. Start writing on a topic that you are familiar with and do 3-4 drafts trying to improve, concise and make it more interesting to read. I'm sure you'll find a great difference after 2-3 weeks.

    4. Listen to English news and documentaries (nature documentaries by David Attenborough) where in the narrator often has an excellent command of English and vocabulary.

    5. Watching good English movies ( Court room dramas) with subtitles has helped me

    Hope this helps you.. Simply good writing is nothing but a good expression of your thoughts and view in black and white..

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