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    How about having an entrance exam before entering into Politics?

    I was just wondering, how would it be if we had an entrance exam for people who wanted to enter politics?

    If we actually had an entrance exam and a certain eligibility criteria like education, how many of our politicians could make it into the system? When this point was raised many of them argued that election is itself a big entrance exam.

    Would love to see this as a reality one day. Though it now looks like a fairy tale. I don't know if this can even be implemented.
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    We have already heard :Politics is the last resort of scoundrels. How can we expect that the scoundrels would accede to this? How can they implement this dangerous proposal?
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    Wow! what a day it would be... Recently got a what's image NEET (National eligibility cum entrance test for students. why not PEET (Political eligibility cum entrance test) for politicians. Before I go any further, I would like to place on record that are good politicians doing good work in different parts of the country but like in any profession its the bad apples that discredit the whole basket.

    We just need to look around the current events wherein we'll find all the wrong doings by certain politicians ( land scam, fodder scam, arms deal scam etc). There are people who owe the government crores of tax payers money running freely in the country and yet in the same country a poor farmer commits suicide as he is unable to pay a few thousand rupees.
    Let's imagine
    1. A poor hardworking farmer selling his grains to the local government office or a few liters of milk to the local milk society. Under the reason of 'ensuring quality', 'maintaining standard' and 'value for money' his produce would be subject to checks and measures before being accepted
    2. A hard working student dreaming of becoming a doctor or an IPS officer, he or she has to take numerous exams, go through a period of training before starting their jobs and it doesn't stop there. They are periodically subject for internal assessments.

    So I feel it's not wrong for such a concept.

    1.Politicians are the representatives of the masses. For them to be respected and honored, their actions should be noble, transparent and honorable to the people and the country.
    2. They have a huge responsibility in carrying out a difficult and complex job
    3. They handle crores of rupees that are eventually the tax payers money.
    4. A significant amount of money is spent on them ( salary, allowances,housing etc) which is again coming from the common man's pocket.

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    If that could be the case for Politicians too, they will definitely not be able to clear those exams , most of them at least. This could be a really useful way to judge them on educational as well as emotional grounds. But there is one more question- will that exam be based on IQ as well ? Or just the hypothetical questions ?
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    Ha ha ha.. What a nice thought ? But who will abide. Because politics is reserved for those who are illiterate, trouble makers, rowdy elements, money looters and money spenders. When all these negative thinking people are having the grip over our so called democracy over 71 years now, and by default we are keeping on electing them time and again and thus they have become more power mongers and can stoop to the level of inducing voters with money and influence the caste leaders to vote the caste for one particular leader. By the way if the so call entrance suggested by the author becomes reality for that the Election Commissioner with the stature of TN Seshan would have been fittest person to hold such rules and implement. As far as I know, we are bound to follow this system of electing hooligans. But young educated boys if comes to politics , we can change the system.
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    Wish if this could actually be implemented. Once upon a time flying was a distant dream so why not an entrance exam for politicians. It does look like hilarious now hahaha, but when it will be achieved it's going to be a huge achievement.

    During the monarchy rule, the rulers were made efficient by learning different languages, art etc which made them capable of ruling their Kingdom. As mentioned by #608074, PEET would be a welcome move.

    Every Doctor's, Nurses, lawyers, engineers and many more profession have to undergo severe training and examination so why not Politicians? As they have a greater responsibility towards the nation.

    Just an opinion.

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    It was already started in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the newly formed political party, Jana Sena, floated by Telugu film star Mr. Pawan Kalyan. For different positions, the party invited online applications and then conducted interviews along with small written tests, which was meant for analysing different issues.

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    It is a good thinking. For each and every small accept also a common man has to undergo test. A boy wanted to join bank as clerk he has to write a written test, then group discussion and finally interview. All intelligent people are struggling and only a few are able to clear IAS exams. These people has to work under those politicians who can't even earn for their living with out this politics. So as such they are above an IAS officer. So the exam they have to face should be more severe than the IAS examination, I say. That will be very nice. But who will bell the cat? Again this is to be implemented by the people in power only. I don't think that no politician will accept. Only one way for that is a Dictator has to emerge and take over the power and then implement this system for his aids.
    Another point is in this political ground, a good person entering in to politics may become one among the bunch and follow the others. When NTR started new party in AP, he has taken many new faces who are new to politics and all of them won the battle. But slowly in to that party also some people from other parties joined and the whole bunch has become the same. I feel this is the inherent characteristic of politics.

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    It is wonderful idea. But it could not be possible in our country due to constraints imposed by politicians on election commission.
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    This is a long cherished but pending demand of the educated and qualified people of this country. Unfortunately can not be exercised in practice till all the citizens of the country get education to that level.

    Politicians are taking advantage of this fact that as a large mass of people is uneducated how can they be deprived of being a leader of this country at whatever small or big capacity. If they are not it will be a violation of their fundamental right.

    It is really a fairy tale as those days seem to be very distant.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Eligibility tests and elimination filters by entrance examination will be used when the supply is more than demand.
    Earlier the number of medical colleges and Engineering colleges (seats)were just a minor fraction in comparison to the aspirants.So there was a necessity of entrance examination to chose the best and eliminate others. However see the fate of Engineering courses now. They have started admitting any one who applies.

    In politics the number of actual aspirants and entrants is very less even compared to a medical education course , a bank job recruitment or even IAS aspirants. The political scene can absorb huge numbers and it is self eliminating. Hence an entrance or promotion examination was not thought of as necessity.

    Politics was once taken to be really selfless service and only those who were unselfish and having a true service mentality came to politics. It was just voluntary and out of an inner urge to serve people. The rewards were more in sufferings and sacrifice
    People also accepted and acknowledged only honest and selfless leaders and workers. Hence only few people joined politics and still less became leaders. Thus there was no necessity of any entrance examination nor any minimum qualification. The essential qualification was the true intention to serve the people and nation without seeking any personal reward or compensation.

    When people realise that the rewards and personal gains are more than the efforts and work , more people may come to join politics, and then probably there may be a need of entrance examination and minimum qualification for selection and elimination.y

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    I think this is the need of the hour. A middle school teacher, a private firm clerk, a ticketing officer, needs their basic education to do their job and everyday its competitive too. If that's the case, a person who makes the laws and governs a mass of people in a great country needs education on multiple levels.

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