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    Sand Mining - Environmental impact in Kerala

    Is sand mining really a big environmental issue in Kerala? The western press has put out several articles saying that's it's messing up many of the rivers in Kerala, but is this overstated? I've also seen commentary stating that rivers are often silted up with sand and the mining actually helps.
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    I am also against sand mining and the mafia behind that which is not only looting the nature and paving a way for colossal disaster, they also post danger of river expanding to other areas. Normally rivers have their own path and they would be flowing in that direction during peak seasons and heavy inflow of rain water, and by digging deeper and excavating sand and also through side ways, the mafia are expanding the river flow and thus cause floods to the nearest town or city. Moreover the river sand is not fit for construction as per my knowledge. The filter sand may not have the strength as opined by the engineers and thus most of the engineers wont recommend the river sand. Still the mafia are managing their business with skill and fooling the builders that it is good quality and not taken from river. That is why modern buildings wont last long.
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    Sand Mining is a process of removal of sand from the f rivers, ponds and lakes. Sand is mined from beaches and dredged from ocean beds and river beds. There are some valuable minerals which will occur combined with ordinary sand. These minerals are also processed by separating the sand which is known as winning of metal. Excessive sand mining causes the degradation of rivers. Mining lowers the water level and may cause bank erosion. Removal of sand from the stream bed causes the deepening of rivers and the enlargement of river mouths . Saline-water may also enter from the nearby sea. Any volume of sand mined from stream beds and coastal areas is a loss . Near by bridges, river banks and structures will get weakened by this sand mining . Sand mining will affect the groundwater system in the near by ares.
    So I don't feel the issue is not over stated.

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