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    Appointment of new Editor - Asha Kurian

    We are happy to inform ISCians that Asha Kurian has been appointed as Editor. Congratulations & Welcome to the editorial team Asha!

    Others who applied through our recruitment announcement should not be disappointed. We will keep in mind the others who have applied and will contact eligible candidates when a future need arises for more editors as per the requirement,
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    Congratulations to Ms. Asha Kurian. A very apt selection-no doubt about it. Wish her every success in her new assignment.
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    Many congratulations Asha on your new assignment and a warm welcome to the editorial team!
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    Congratulations to Ms. Asha Kurian on her appointment as Editor for ISC. I think she really deserves the post. ISC has selected a correct and suitable person for the job. I hope she will do a good job in her new position and grow further in ISC and do a wonderful job. All the best to the newly appointed Editor.
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    Congratulations ASHA KURAIN on her appointment as Editor in ISC.I wish him a great success in her future endeavors.
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    Congratulations Asha Kurian. ISC has made the right choice for the right person. Wish you all the best as an excellent Lady editor of ISC. May God bless you.
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    Welcome on board as an Editor, Ms Asha Kurian. Wishing your all the very best in your endeavors and in taking ISC to greater heights!

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    Congratulations to Ms. Asha Kurian on her appointment as new Editor on ISC board. It it a right decision on part of ISC to appoint the right person who is always flawless in her writings. I hope that with the new appointment, the Article Section which is somewhat slow at times, in editing, would get the much needed momentum.
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    My hearty congrats to Asha Kurian for having appointed as the new editor to the ISC board and surely with her varied experience on writing articles, she can do justice to the new assignment. Best wishes.
    K Mohan
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    Congrats to Ms. Asha Kurian for being appointed as the editor of ISC board. Wish you good luck for a brighter experience here.
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    Congratulations to Asha Kurian for being appointed as new Editor in ISC.
    Seeing her contributions in ISC, I am convinced that this is a deserving and worthy assignment to her. While offering my full support as a member, I also expect that the members and ISC will benefit from this appointment.

    My best wishes to Asha Kurian .

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    Congratulations Asha on your new role. You have been contributing silently, in various sections, without getting into any skirmishes. You deserve the appointment. I wish you well.
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    Congratulations to Ms. Asha Kurian. . Wish you every success in your new assignment.
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    Hi All,

    Thank you for all the wishes. I am so happy to be a part of ISC editorial team. I will definitely help all those who need guidance in posting their articles in ISC..Few years ago I started my journey in iSC by writing articles. Today I am here because of all the support and guidance I got from ISC. In turn I am also ready to provide support and guidance for all my ISC friends who are ready to showcase their writing skills in article section. We all are waiting to find and encourage the best writing skills in you..

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    Ms Asha,
    Welcome to the team. All the best.

    Lead Editor - Articles,
    Managing Award Crediting

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    Hearty congratulations to the new editor of ISC Ms. Asha Kurian. Wishing you all the success in your work .

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    Congratulations, Ms Asha Kurian on being appointed as Editor of ISC. Wishing you all the best and success in your new role.

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    Congratulation Asha Kurian, wishing you many more achievements in the future as well.

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    Congratulations to Ms. Asha Kurian on her appointment as a new Editor for ISC. I think that she really deserves this post and she will have a glorious record during this new assignment.

    Whenever a member gets an opportunity to become an editor he suddenly finds himself on the other side of table and finds many posts and submissions from members which he or she has to scrutinise and see from the angle of an administrator rather than a member. This is really a challenge but I think Ms Asha Kurian is very well capable to handle it and I wish her all success in her endeavours as an editor.

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    Congrats to Ms. Asha Kurian for being appointed as the editor of ISC board. Wish you good luck and all the best for the bright future.
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    Congratulations to Asha Kurian for being appointed as new Editor in India Study Channel.I also wish you many more achievements in the future as well.

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    Congratulation to Ms Asha Kurian for becoming a new editor in this prestigious educational site.
    Being a lady member I take my special privilege to welcome you to this coveted post and definitely you will be much more active in your new position.
    All the best.

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    Congratulations Asha Kurien for being appointed as an editor that too of the most prestigious of sections in ISC; the resources section. Welcome aboard.
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    Congratulations for editorial post on this prestigious platform. Wish you many more such awards and rewards in the coming future.

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    Congratulations to Asha Kurian for being appointed as new Editor at ISC. Wish you all the best in your journey in the Editorial panel of ISC.

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    Congratulations Asha Kurian to your new role.
    I SC is one of the old and best forum I have ever seen. I am very sure it is not an easy task to maintain the whole forum clean for such a long period. Being a part of it as an Editor is a prestigious thing. All the best for your endeavours.

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