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    GST collection tops tax returns

    GST collection goes to the top most. The collection under GST was S 94,000 crore from the month of the JULY with total 44 lakh. The top most business official said that tax return files has increased to 74% and still more people are likely to come in when the final returns are filed in GST R1,2 and 3
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    It is good that more money is coming to government. Many businessmen are submitting their returns and paying tax as per the rule. It is welcome. I hope the collections will further improve. But still GST implications are not completely known to the public or the business people. It may take a little more time. Government should think of bringing down the tax rates on some essential commodities so that common man will not suffer. Many items prices were gone up because of GST. Even my land line bill is also more as the GSt percentage is more than earlier. Government should also see that the money collected in the form of taxes should comeback to the tax payer in the form of good infrastructure and other amenities. Other wise the hard earned money of the people will go and get accumulated in the houses or foreign banks which is of no use to either the country or the public. It is my wish and hope.
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    Now after imposition of GST nation wide, there is no go for anyone to get out tax and thus it has become imperative and definite to contribute for the country through their tax on products or services. This is the initial month estimate what the author has shared. Now from this month onward the entire business transactions are going to be streamlined and the loopholes if any are corrected. Surely India is going to earn more through GST. But are the states getting their due 50 percent share which was less or more. That is going to be more important. If the states gets less share than before, then they seek share from center.
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