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    Blue whale game " Be aware"

    Recently we are hearing lot about BLUE WHALE game in social media. There is also a request to the government that this game should not be given license to download and play. The reason I found in social media is that the player ultimately at the last round is forced to commit suicide. Earlier this game was downloaded in US now even in India people are getting addicted to it. I wonder is this game really so dangerous. I just want to know more information about it.
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    I also heard that this game is very dangerous and many who are playing this game are committing suicide. I also read that the person who created this game was imprisoned. Once you start playing this game, they it is very difficult to stop and youth are behind the game in some countries. I have not heard so far any one committing suicide because of this game in our country. Government should not give licence for this type of games which are of no use and in addition to that youth are losing their lives. I feel nobody should try this when such a history is there and people are getting killed. There are many other ways to enjoy or pass your time. Why such a dangerous games. Not at all advisable.
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    Well I just cannot understand at the people notion as to why should they resort to suicide tendency even though the game may induce or enforce. Everyone is conscious enough while playing any game for that matter and one will play for the pleasure and time pass. Nothing more than that. But some children are taking the so called Blue Whale game so seriously and interfering themselves deeply to the content and putting there life to risk. If we are viewing the films in which the serious acts of fights, chasing and even death occurs to our own hero. Are we also dying because of that. Likewise some television stars who are our favorite goes through the ordeals of life, Are we committing the same action to suffer. So when we take the film and television serials as entertainment, then take the blue whale game also on that line or keep away from it.
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    First even I didn't understand why people take it so serious that they should commit suicide but recently I got a video in whats app that in the future stages there is some threatening that the user unwillingly has to play that game. But I didn't get in detail. In case if i get so planning to upload in ISC.

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    1. To quit playing this game first of all don't be afraid of any challenges
    2. Inform your parents about this game
    3. For parents: Use software like spyhuman, spybro to get information about apps and web your child is browsing.App like blue whale game can be tracked from this app

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