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    Am I that good to get appreciation and award?

    My dear ISC and Fellow ISCian,
    Am I that good to get appreciation and award? Are you wondering with this thread? Recently, in a thread raised by Ms. Juana about her missing name in the RSB list for July, I have posted a very simple two line response that fetched me CC Rs. 2/- amongst 27 responses in that thread. No one else got CC for their large responses. I am realy awestruck to see this cash award. Am I so good with my response to get CC to my credit. I really wonder. Do you also wonder, my dear members?
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    No, I don't wonder. You are really good. You are an old hand, having more or less good knowledge of computer and have vast knowledge of rules and regulations of ISC. So, your brief and to-the-point Forum response can definitely fetch you cash credit of Rs. 2/-.


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    Here the person won't matter. The response that speaks. If the response is good whether it is posted by X or Y or Z, it will attract awards and rewards. This is decided on the basis of the posting. If the response is normal it will not get rewarded even though it is posted by X,Y or Z.
    The quality of the response and the aptness of the response will be looked into. So my feeling is any member in this ISC is eligible for any award or reward. I feel there is no other considerations here. Anyhow SUN, you know it better than many as you are a senior member. Why are you asking this. Probably you want to test the reaction of other members? Am I correct?

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    Dear Pasrtha and Dr. Srinivasa Rao.
    Here at ISC, members are not valued but their posts and responses. Am I so good means - is my response so good? Hence I raised this thread to know whether my two line simple response out of 27 responses in that thread deserves a CC. It is really a wonder to me, and may not be a wonder to you all.

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    Well what the editor ought to respond and reply and that you have done which convinced the editor to award you cash credit and that is good way of earning among all odds.
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    @SuN, fine, if you yourself are not confident of the worth and deserve of that, just take it that you are lucky or it is just a seasonal bonus. There are many other posts that do not get even a pie, though the authors(and readers) feel they are worthy and eligible.

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    Life is full of surprises. Please enjoy it.

    Most of us would remember the discussions among our friends after final exams or viva assessment . There would always be one who would have thought that he/she has performed very well, taken many additional sheets to write the answers and on results day would be surprised that the chap who has not written much or not happy with his performance also has passed.

    I think the content, appropriateness and brevity of the answers shows the experience and command on the language.

    "Men of few words are the BEST men" William Shakespeare. This quote suits this thread

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    Even I agree with #608162.. Natarajan.. this life is full of surprises, so just enjoy what ever you are getting. Sometimes, we do not even understand the value of something that we did. Similarly could have been with your post too.. you have written it in a normal way, but for the editors it turned out to be worthy of getting a CC. So, just go with the flow and enjoy it .
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    @608162: "Life is full of surprises. Please enjoy it."-
    (smile). Shall I call the present referred case a pleasant penny surprise?

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