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    Request for imbibing MSword document option in articles section

    In Indiatravelblog website, there is the option in articles section that new members have the option to write in MSWORD and then send it to the email address of Indiatravelblog. If that option would be in ISC, then there are less chances to ban from articles section. It is my request to imbibe that option in ISC.
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    We cannot compare India Travel Blog with this site for many reasons.. There the traffic and participants may be less and seasonal, but at ISC we are getting new members and their contributions, existing members and their contributions and above all old members who left the site for various reasons also join again and share. So this make this site more busy and the editors are having more responsibility towards flawless editing. Moreover articles are not rejected for grammar but most of the time for copy pasting activities and other errors against the posting guidelines.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I appreciate your suggestion, but ITB is not associated with ISC. Both the sites are independently operated with different rules and different missions. Sorry to say but here in ISC it may not be possible to implement this feature.

    If the banning from the section is the question, then I want to add that, we give enough chances to the author before imposing ban in Article section. Hence such occurrence is very rare.

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    Author has suggested a right thing. But in ISC there was a option for us to select whether we will post from word or make editing by ourselves by HTML tags. But now in article section I don't find that. Any way ISC and ITB is different with different set of rules. But the suggestion by the author was appreciable.

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    Thank you friends for your valuable responses to my request.

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    ITB takes a limited number of articles from a limited number of qualified travellers. In some cases, the articles are commercial, written by travel service providers and they money to ITB to publish their articles in ITB. They may not have time to study our system and post in our format. So we accept articles in MS Word format and post ourselves.

    Even in ITB, we do not accept MS Word articles from regular members. Regular members will be asked to post articles in the usual way.

    In ISC, if we accept articles in MS Word format, it won't be feasible for our editors to reformat and repost in ISC due to the volume of articles. Hope you understand why we are not able to accept articles in MS Word format here

    Tony John
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    I would like to disagree with the author. In my limited experience with other submission to health care and surgery,it's very rare to see a submission that's is banned or unaccepted based on the format. It's often rejected or returned

    1.failure to adhere to submission guidelines
    2.Plagiarism ( basically borrowing somebody else's intellectual property)
    3. Lack of quality content and relevance
    4. Multiple submissions or fragmentation of the same material
    5. Ghost authorship in some cases (Somebody else contributes significantly to the article but his or her name is not listed due to various reasons).

    In my little experience from health care sector where many times its ''Publish or Perish , the editorial broad rarely declines articles of value and substance.

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