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    Please know the new rules for those who travel by air !

    The Central Government has came up with new rules for those passengers who are travelling by air and they have to follow these rules.

    Traveler should not offend or abuse co-passengers or the the aircraft staff, if caught, 3 months ban.

    If a passenger attacks other passenger and staff, 6 months ban on travelling.

    If the passenger attacks with dire consequences and damages the property inside the airplane, then he would be banned for two years.

    Do you think our politicians would follow the these new rules or do you suggest further measures to control unwanted duel inside the aircraft ?
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    The rules are good but they should be implemented for the public in general also.They should also be applicable with more strict action in cases of other medium of travel like buses,trains and even taxis too in my opinion.
    In cases where the safety of women and children is involved, appropriate safety measures should also be taken.

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