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    Attack the risk. Otherwise it will attack you.

    Today morning I was in a research organisation in Delhi. Lot of captions were written on the wall. Just I was going through them One caption caught my attention. The same is the heading of this thread. I find this very interesting and that is why I am sharing with you all.
    Generally we all will be doing many tasks in our life. During the course we may be coming across many hurdles and risks. Generally we will try to avoid those and search for another path. But we don't know that risk may attack us in another route also in a different way and difficult way. Instead of going away from such risks, I feel better face them and think a way to over come that. Be offensiveness than defensive. Once for all the total matter will be settled once for all.All ills will become wells. So face it as it comes and kill it.
    What do you say friends/
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    The title of the thread is apt. We should face any situation with boldness and never shun away from it. If we try to flee from it, the same or more difficult situation may come in front of us through another route and we might not have the chance to avoid it at that time by any means.
    Once, some monkeys chased a little boy. The boy was scared and tried to run away. Just then a holy man came near him. Giving him a stick, the holy man asked him to turn and face the monkeys with boldness. The boy did and all the monkeys ran away and the fear of the boy also vanished.
    This boy was none other than Swami Vivekananda.

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    Risk level depends on the situation and the problem.If the risk involves a few thousand rupees it is worth taking a risk.On the other hand if it involves lakhs of rupees then it is foolish to take risk.
    Similarly, if risk is taken with surgery at stage 1 of cancer it is good and if opted for in the the final stages of cancer it is very foolish and life threatening.Hence, it depends on the situation and we should attack risk with it's consequences in mind.

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Hurdles and risks are two different things. When we are on a path to success, or working on an opportunity , we face a lot many hurdles. Hurdles are the problems we face while we are working on a project, a task , an activity, it could be anything. We think about how to cross that hurdle in order to achieve what we want.
    Risk is something different. It depends upon what type of a task we are doing, how much impact it will have on us in return. Risk is the worse possibility that we have, if we are working on something, and we want to complete it at any cost. Like for example , if we want to start a business, we need to know the resources, costing, infrastructure needed for it, the investment etc.. But business depends on complete profit and loss, now here comes the role of "Risk". That you are investing and happy to start your business, but have that worry also on your head, that what will happen if this does not work. So, here you are taking risk as you are doing a very big task. Also, risk is larger.

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