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    Difference between the words faith, trust and belief

    IN our daily conversation, we have a lot of words with almost similar meanings. Among those, there are three words which we use in our daily life with the same meaning.These words are-" Faith, Trust and Belief".
    Generally, we use these words to represent our belief in anything. Yes, it is correct. These word are meant to show belief on anything or anyone. But these words are used to show are belief in different things or people.
    Faith means believing in something like religious matters. For example, we say that - "I've faith in God". We never say that - I trust in god because it is wrong, does'nt matter having the same meaning.
    Trust means to show our belief in some other human or any organization that is active.
    For example, we say that- "I trust him" or " That company is trusted by everyone". We never
    say that- I believe you or I've faith on you.
    And now, the last word, Belief.We use the word belief in almost every situation wherever
    we have to show our trust, faith as well as belief. But it is wrong to use it everywhere.
    The word "Belief" is only meant to use to show our belief in ourselves neither in God nor anyone else.
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    These three words hold lot of insights about how a person behaves in his personal life and business life.
    Belief is the feeling of a person This feeling swill be supported by their personal reasons. I have a belief in Political party named "A:. But you may have belief in political party"B". Both of us will have our own reasons for this. This a matter of personal and professional opinions.
    Faith is more concerned with spirituality. It is purely a devotion for which there may or may not any proofs. We believe God. There is no proof to explain why we have to have faith in him.
    Trust is again an individual opinion. This is being able to anticipate how a person reacts in a particular situation. When we give some work to somebody we anticipate that he will complete that work. We will choose that kind of person only for that job. That indicates you have trust on that person.

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    I would like to slightly differ from this thread :

    We can indeed use it in this way as well when I say to another person - I have complete faith in you. This sentence is not wrong, though faith is used to show one's belief in God, we do use it in a sentence to show that we believe or we trust in that person. Also, it is not wrong to say that "In GOD we trust", even this sentence is right.

    Trust and Belief both are verbs, so it depends on the context that you are using and also how much reliance you have on that person, entity or organization.

    Belief is you are confident that it will happen, hope is you hope that it will happen (you are unsure if it will happen but you are hoping that it will happen)

    Trust is also a synonym to confidence.

    I can also see a reference to a link in ISC where they have explained the same with different examples:

    Hope Trust and Faith

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