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    What can Island nation people do if they are hit by a cyclone?

    India is a big country and if there is any cyclone forecast, we generally relocate our people from coastal areas to some interior locations in the hinterland. Recently Hurricane Irma devastated most of the Island nations in the Caribbean and now it is heading towards Florida state in US. Some of these Island nations are so small that people couldn't escape from the Hurricane where ever they were located in whole the Island. What can Island nation people do if they are hit by a cyclone or Hurricane? Will they be relocated beforehand to some bigger countries when the cyclone hits?
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    The force of these storms can be so strong that they wipe out entire Islands.

    In December of 1964, a cyclonic storm hit Dhanushkodi an Island in Tamil Nadu, close to Rameswaram. If you have heard of Pamban Bridge, know that it is what connects the mainland India to the Island. Everything on the Island was wiped out during the cyclone. It now looks like a ghost town, with just ruins. You can still see the devastation the cyclone caused. It is uninhabited, but locals from Mandapam and Rameswaram set up small shops selling wares and snacks, but they leave when night falls. The place attracts tourists and it is one of the most scenic spots in India, with azure blue seas and white sands. It is difficult to reach, but a must visit if you like to travel.

    The Indian Navy has a Forward Detachment close to which local tour guides operate jeeps that take you to land's end, from where you can actually see Sri Lanka, on a clear day. It is also the place where the Ram Setu is.

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    It is scary to even think of facing such an event knowing that you are in a piece of land a few kilometers wide and are at the mercy of Nature. One has to just watch small clips of tsumani of 2004. South East Asia and Japan are more prone to such cylcones and are islands of varying sizes.

    A lot can be learnt from the experience of Japan ( more or less a island compared to countries like India etc). Its said that adverse conditions brings out the best in many situations .

    1.Japan is now considered one of the top leaders in disaster management.

    2.Many reports mention that in the coastal areas of Japan that more prone for cyclone, they have number of cyclone proof shelters, high strong walls along some stretches that can reduce the impact.

    3.It's also reported that huge water discharge tunnels ( some of them with width of a 5 floor building!) that safely and quickly sends out vast quantities of water to various place.

    4. The meteorological department issue prompt warnings and regular evacuation orders just before a major cyclone or typhoon hits a particular area and people follow the advise

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    That depends on the area and population of the country. Really it is tough to face such situations. Still I remember the sufferings we faced during 1960s when a heavy cyclone hit our area in coastal districts. Many houses collapsed. Many people died and lot of crop loss and fields got completely immersed in water. Those days the government mechanism was not geared to the required level. But recent cyclone in Vizag was very ably faced by Government.
    All countries should have a emergency mitigation plan in place.They should have off site and on site emergency plans in place with all facilities in place. There should proper mechanism to know the issues in advance and see that people from the danger zone will be shifted to safe place. Food and other necessities should be arranged in advance in safe places. Rescue teams should be in place and just get in to work when it is necessary.

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    That would be very pathetic and catch 22 situation of people living in Islands where severe cyclone and storms are predicted. They cannot leave the place nor re located. They are limited with resources and the area also limited to move. Moreover some Islands are very small , even moving to other Islands through sea cannot be possible due to storm. So Countries like India and other countries , who are good at predicting natural disaster, must help out those living in Island by pre warning them at least two days in advance so that they can go to next big country to which they must be admitted and allowed as refugees.
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