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    Today is International literacy day, does it means anything for a common Indian? let us analyse here

    According to the census of 2011 present literacy rate in India is 74% which was only 12% during the time of British Rule. It has been 71 years of our independence and seeing these figures comparatively, literacy growth doesn't seem so bad, but these figures are not enough if we dream of becoming a developed nation and want to be among most educated and prosperous country.
    Today is International Literacy day and so we have an opportunity and an occasion to look back and analyze how far we have come from what we were once?

    Although I believe For a common Indian these important days doesn't matter as they keep coming and going and celebrated only in government institutions, schools and in few NGOs. But what effect a common Indian is figures and number. How does this day affect you does it have any significance for you.
    How about if we analyze it here on ISC- how much changes we have seen in terms of education and literacy and a consciousness about literacy among common public from the time we all got admission into schools and today.
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    International literacy day is celebrated illthroughout the world in order to propagate the importance of literacy. A person who do not know how to read and write will be almost like an animal in this world. His/ her rights will be unknown to that person so that others can easily cheat him/ her. More over the person will be ignorant of things happening elsewhere. There are several countries with small percentage of literates. Hence the fight against illiteracy should continue and the celebration of literacy day is a reminder of this.

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    I don't believe in creation of all such days. Literacy can't be achieved in a day. The consciousness about literacy can't be raised in one day. It must be a continuous effort for the student, teacher and the Government. The creation of such days doesn't serve much useful purpose.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If we compare to the British time, we have made a lot of improvement in almost all sectors, agriculture, economical and political. Since today is international literacy day and we are counting on the improvements and developments that we have done so far. Since Elementary education is the Fundamental right in our Constitution for children with age group of 6- 14 years. Children study and do the basic education. Education has brought more of awareness among people to live a healthy life and an independent life. People are more career-oriented now. Everyone is focused to lead an independent life with a good job and to sustain their family, This is all the outcome of education and awareness among people.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    There is a good lot of improvement in literacy in India. Many children are going to school and many are learning how write and read. Education is very important in this world. People who don't have any education can't understand the world properly. In some old poems it was stated that people with out education are equal to animals. But these days some educated people are also behaving like animals. Uneducated people are becoming more gentle. So I feel how many educated are really having morals. That is an important question which is difficult to be answered.
    In these modern days we are celebrating many days like this by naming them like some day or other. Celebrations are Ok. But how many of us are trying to improve the literacy rate and percentage.
    Government is trying to go further in this and everybody should try to see that 100% population will know how to write and read at least their mother tongue.

    always confident

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    On every International Literacy Day the central government and the Ministry concerned would come up with a ad taking pledge that within five years from now the entire country would be literate and that is for sure. Even this time the government gave ads in the paper that total literacy would be achieved by 2022. That means another five years postponed. When government is spending money on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, and there are teachers appointed for the purpose, then why the reach is not 100 percent as per the government estimates itself. So some home work from the government is must before announcing same statement next time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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