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    How to Manage a nuclear family in today's world

    Being in a bustling major metro city, life is chaotic and daily life in compounded for a nuclear family whose relatives as scattered around but difficult to physically help in time of need. An emergency health issue or a sudden travel just throws the spanner in the works. Life sometimes becomes a juggling act right from packing the lunch box to maintain each others careers and managing the domestic daily needs. We often have to have a army of hired help (home maid, cook,nanny,driver etc) whose trust and honesty is always difficult to assess. Last but not least the helplessness we feel when we cannot physically be our parents and siblings.

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    My family is a nuclear family. Same is the case with my mother and father, because my grandma always lived with my uncle. It is really tough to survive like that, but once you get used to it, it is all Ok. But there is one thing, if you need help from people at the time of urgent need, you need to create good relationships with your neighbors, the people of your society. Because they will be near to you always and will help you in any need. It is really not easy to trust people especially in cities, but if you are good with others, everybody will help you. This is how life works, if you are living independently or in a nuclear family.

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    Well I wont go with the new words attached to the family either staying in couples or with the elders, what I Suggest that those who are having the presence of elders at the home are the best and their children are nurtured with good tradition and culture and above all during emergencies, the things would get adjusted and no problems. If married people are staying alone with one child and for any emergency, they cannot trust any one nor anybody would help them. When both of them start working the problems become more. The child has to be looked after, the day care centers would charge more and their care cannot be questioned. The bonding between mother and child will be lost as the mother would be busy in office, and the child thinks that the maid is all for her or him and thus in course of time the mother becomes no mention for the child.
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    The world is big but my world is small. Myself. my wife and my children are my family. This is the present day concept. But we forget that when our child becomes adult and then marries, his/her family will become separate and we only wife and husband will be alone. This is the present day trend. The problems in this small families are always known. If wife and husband both are in service, the life will be very difficult, There will be man situations which are to be faced alone and we won't find time for that. Even though we maintain good relations and friendship with neighbours, but they may not come in handy when we require as they are also like us. Some friends may help us but we can't expect from them always.
    It is a boon to stay with parents after we become married also. They will help us in many ways. Our children will also learn many things from them. We need not worry about many things which they will take care. It is better to be near with our parents as well as our children. Spending time with them will be a good .

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    Nuclear family made out of exigency or naturally means it is okey but the same is made by our own that is splitting the existing good family we have to suffer and face the consequences. There ae many difficulties in the nuclear family that too if both husband and wife are employed,the situation is worse. In a family of a friend of mine, who take up a nuclear family by his own in the name of privacy from his elder brother as earlier lived with his brother, suffering as anything as he has to do all homework as his wife fell sick as she unable to do any work and my fiend does not have face to call his brother and sister in law for help. But his brother and sister in law by seeing his difficulty call them to live with them back jointly, his wife denied due to her ego. Totally my friend is suffering a lot. so, it is to be think twice or more before splitting a joint family into nuclear.

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    In today's world the concept of 'A small family is a happy family' has taken deep roots and joint families are really hard to find, particularly in urban areas.
    People need to move away from their ancestral places for various reasons. Some move out for jobs, some for business and even the younger generations are also moving out for better education job opportunities etc.
    Once, someone settles at a new place for the purpose of job, business or otherwise, the attraction of his/her native place becomes less and the love and affection that bonds a family also become thinner.
    In course of time, when these people marry and starts a new life, a nuclear family is born. By and by they become so engrossed in meeting the needs of their own family that they forget; rather they are compelled to forget all other relationships.
    In such a situation, they have to depend on their neighbours and the society they live in.

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    Nuclear families are very common these days. This is the post agrarian period. About six or seven decades back we had families living in a house depending on agricultural activities. Our income was from agriculture. All the members of the family used to work in the same field and the produce would be used for common purpose. The requirements of every member would be met from that.
    Naturally every member got help from others when any difficulty arose. No feelings of lonliness were there among family members.

    Now the dependence on agriculture is no more there. Every individual work in a factory owned by somebody else or work in an office or teaching institution or something else. Every where an individual of a family will be alone in the beginning. Later the person gets married and slowly develop into a nuclear family. This is a result of industrialization and modernisation of family set up. Children of such nuclear families also set up more nuclear families in future. Based on this trend we have to doubt whether there will be any going back.

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