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    My experience with astrological predictions in life.

    Many of us will have our horoscope prepared. Some might have gone to astrologers to get the same interpreted. Did any one experience a successful prediction? In my case I have had certain experiences with it.

    I was studying for my degree taking mathematics as main subject and Statistics as a subsidiary subject. Due to my interest, I consulted an astrologer about my job opportunities and the field in which I would get a job. The answer about the job was positive and the field of the job was predicted to be related to water. I did not give much importance to this prediction since my subject of study was mathematics. Hence I forgot about this and continued my studies. I did my post graduation in Statistics and after taking Masters degree, I started doing research in the same subject.

    After two years I started looking for jobs. After a couple of failures I was selected as a Junior Lecturer in Statistics in a PG department of the same University. The department was training students for Masters degree in Marine Biology and also in Oceanography. Though I was handling classes in Statistics the department, I was basically dealing with two subjects related to water.

    After ten years I left this institution to take up an assignment as Associate Professor in another place. It was a college of Fisheries. This again was related with water ! I continued in this institution till superannuation. So ultimately my career was related to ' water '.

    Can you share some genuine experiences as these if any?
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    Ha ha.. this seems to be an interesting piece of thought. Astrological predictions are not wrong always, they are somehow interlinked with us. I also do not believe much in these things. But it is something like what we hear if we are going to an astrologer or Guru, and if what they tell us, matches to what is happening in our life or what is going to happen. We start to believe it, because of course we are seeing that particular change and we get bound to believe it.
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    Normally the new generation is not having faith on astrology and its predictions and they would certainly show no interest. But it is the fact that if you remember the correct time of birth, place of birth and date of birth, accurate prediction of future can be made with the calculations and calibration of planets movements and thus the mentions would be hundred percent true. We should not poh poh the astrology just because we have not experienced anything as predicted as we might given wrong information about our details. In case of the author , the astrologer seems to be very experienced and as the author gave the right inputs , the astrologer could give him the right prediction and that has happened. On 2nd Sept Guru planet has moved and its effect on some stars positively and on many starts negatively going to happen for one and a half years.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    There is a creator and it is only the creator who can know the course of our life. Creation cannot predict the course of action of a Creator's creation.

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    Astrology is very true. When I was a child, my father approached an astrologer who was blind and asked him to tell about my future. The astrologer rightly predicted that my mother would reach heaven when I reach seven. Yes. It happened when I was seven. We should approach the expert astrologers to get the right prediction.
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    There are good astrologers who predict the happenings correctly by seeing the horoscope. During my childhood days my father got my chart prepared by a very famous astrologer and he has given some predictions. He mas made a prediction that either I will be a great Sanskrit scholar otherwise a highest degree will be obtained in a science subject. I couldn't become a Sanskrit scholar but I got my Doctorate degree in chemistry. He made another prediction that I will occupy a good position in my job. Thanks to God , I have worked as Director in a company for about 10 years. I am well off.
    But there are many astrologers who gives their predictions without understanding the things properly to please the people. These people are not good at predictions. The correctness of the prediction depends on the scholar who are predicting the results. So astrology as a subject is reliable but the accuracy depends on the predictor. We should not completely say it is a trash. It is also a science.

    always confident

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    Sankaran Sir,
    Like many others I, too, have faith in astrology and palmistry. Like Mohan Sir, I also believe that if the correct time of birth, place of birth and date of birth is known then accurate prediction of future can be made possible by the astrologers and palmists who are really experts in their fields.
    Here, I would like to describe an incident that generated the faith in me.
    Once a relative of mine, when he was young, was making a journey on a train. He was sitting on a window-side seat and a middle-aged man sitting to his opposite, was reading a newspaper. When he had finished reading, my relative spread his hand for the paper. But instead of giving it, the man kept looking on at his hand. As is the habit of any young, man, my relative mockingly asked, "What are you looking in my hand? Do you know palmistry?"
    The man didn't pay any heed to his mockery but kept on looking. After some time, he said, "Please be careful. There would be a serious accident in your life. You wouldn't bleed and survive but it would affect your whole life."
    My relative took it jokingly but after some years he really met with a serious accident. There was no bleeding and he was hospitalized. One of his legs was badly broken and it needed bone-transplant. He had to remain in the hospital for many months.
    Till today, he is unable to walk a long distance.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Disclaimer: Whatever I write below is purely my own logic and personal belief and justification. I cannot quote any authority on that as I have not learned. Based on that one need not assess and approach astrology.
    Human civilisation has discovered and invented myriad things and perfected them by constant practice and effecting modifications, improvements and replacements. Man was and is always curious and anxious about his own future. So it is natural that he would have spent considerable time and did research and learned a lot from experiences and projected things from trends also.
    In different part of the present world also predictive methods are practised in different ways . That shows that humans had invested time and energy and developed predictive techniques. Astrology is one such practised more prevalently.
    Across the world, invariably everyone, including rationalists, atheists and agnostics celebrate (or observe) birthdays , it means that the birth day has its own significance. A human beings existence starts from the birth. The life in this Earth is affected by the celestial energy from Sun, Moon and to some extent from the stars and other stellar bodies. All other living things follow the natural rhythm subjecting to the cycles of the celestial bodies. So naturally humans are also influenced by the celestial bodies.
    We know that the radio signals(including mobile phones) are influenced by the interference of the environment factors.
    Extending this to humans, I am convinced that human life is also subject to impacts and interferences of various environmental factors- mainly the colossal sized celestial bodies like Sun, Moon, and other planets and stars. The fact that the Lunar, Mars ,Venus mission satellites or space vehicles are able to send communication from Moon, Mars, etc proves that the energy emanating from those bodies can reach Earth and can transform to various forms as per the receptors . That means these celestial or heavenly bodies effect and impact human life.
    With this logic and belief, I take that Astrology is relevant and valid, if done in a systematic way subject the margin of errors depending on the practitioners.
    Just because we are not able to decipher certain things does not make them invalid. The reason for some sections not ready to accept Astrology may be that they have not conducted proper research to accept or repudiate Astrology. The current situation is of two divergent sides-one adamantly believing and the other adamantly rejecting. What is needed is patience to do a systematic research, which definitely will not be limited to a short term, but may span many generations to reach a convincing end. So each side chooses the easiest way convenient for them.

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    After explaining my logic in believing in Astrology, let me narrate few experiences which cemented my belief and stand on astrology.

    Just when I had finished my graduation and was searching job, my uncle called a familiar local astrologer to predict about my job and career. Analysing the natal chart and doing some mental calculations and some jottings he stated the following.( I was a sort of self claimed 'scientific minded rationalist' , natural to my age at that time.)

    1.The boy will get a job very soon.-he gave the period 'only after' and 'within'. 2. The place of job will be quite far away from native place, but will not be a foreign nation. 3. He will quit the first job and move to another job. 4.Business is not predicted-only job under someone.

    Let me admit that all of these came perfectly true.

    The second and the one which convinced me full is as follows.
    When my father died, one elder came to me and told me that one of us siblings should have 'so-and –so Dasa'. He almost took it that it was I , because I was the one to perform the rituals for my father.

    This entered my mind and when I got proper time, I took my horoscope from my mother and looked at it. And Lo1 I was having the sai Dasa during that period as already written in my horoscope. That led me to to do some reading on astrology and I started to believe in astrology.

    But I wanted to get it confirmed from some experts. So without mentioning anything, I mailed by natal chart to a Panchang making firm and sought a full detailed horoscope of that native(person).I wrote that as I was not sure of its perfection, they must apply necessary rectifications and perfect it.

    I got a book with details of the various 'Dasa"s in my life in their order and the general predictions for each Dasa period. Then...... on a separate page there was a special note which mentioned that the particular period(which was when my father died) was a difficult period for the family and the native(person) may lose his father or a person equivalent to father.
    That made me fully convinced that astrology is relevant.

    I take astrology like weather forecast, We may not be able to stop rains, drought or hurricane. But we can take adequate precautions to minimise the damage and manage somehow. Astrology is like a torch- it cannot prevent a night, but it can give sufficient light to save us from a hit and fall.

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    Astrology is one for foretelling. That may not be wholly true as no one can predict the destiny destined by the Lord. But sometimes the the predictions given by the astrologers are just indicative and we cannot say their telling are not true or anything. I was told by an astrologer who met by me casually that I would be met an accident by scooter in my twenty eighth year(I was 17 years old then) among other casual predictions. I just ignored this point as I did not know even cycling and least possibility of having two wheeler. Later during 1983, when I went to New Delhi to appear a written examination for the selection in Modern Bread Industries, met with an accident of autorikshaw. Later I came to know that in New Delhi they called the auto as scooter and that year was my 28th year.

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    Ok. I don't want to taint your belief in astrology or anything. But it's because you asked our opinions about astrology that I'm writing this.
    Nostradamus, one of the well known astrologers in the world, predicted something like this:
    "In the city of God there will be a thunder
    Two brothers torn apart by chaos
    while the fortress endures the great leader will succumb
    the third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

    "on the 11th day of the 9th month two metal birds will crash into two tall statues in the new city and the world will end soon".
    These lines eerily describe 9/11 incident 400 years before it occurred.

    "and Trojan blood is troublerd by Spaniards"
    Spanish won over Ottoman Turks 100 years after this was written.
    Astrology seems pretty real then, doesn't it? But it's all a game of probability and persuasion.
    If I implant an idea in your mind and you like it, you unconsciously start acting upon that idea.
    That's why astrologers always give unclear and obscure predictions. I won't deny the science behind it though.
    But it's the science of brains than the science of fates.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Thanks to my parents, i too believe in astrology although i know very little about it.
    There have been instances related to my studies, overseas life that were as mentioned to my father by a village guru.
    I firmly believe that HE(God) lays the path for us, our job is to walk and not trying to predict what's around the next corner. Our job is not to analyze HIS plans for us.

    But we are humans too.. based on personal experience, when we stumble, hit a block, become stagnant or lost in confusion, then the question buzzing in our heads is Why me? Why me? Why me? . Here come the science of Astrology, for it gives a reasonable explanation that's often correct at least partly. And for me, it's given some answers during testing times.

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