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    Too many options..Too many choices.. Difficult to decide

    With the ever growing trend of introducing something new, globalization and increasing competition, in may aspects of our life we are slowly being exposed to multiple option of a single entity. Try picking up a toothpaste (whitening, super fresh, herbal, mint, super strong) a tea bag ( green,masala, mint, de-stressing, calming) a dosa at a restaurant (3-50 varieties). Same applies for cooking oil, clothing, stationery, cereals, oats, glasses, home items so on and so forth.

    Is this really necessary, are we truly benefiting from these or are these just a marketing trend were popular brands project their products trying to capture the minds and fancy of the consumer.

    Please share your thoughts
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    Very nice post. India is having big population and varied expectations from each one of us. What you like, , may not be my take. That is the reason India is surviving with many companies and many brands. Yes when you take soap, oil, tooth paste and for that any matter, there are so many brands and we have to choose between the best or simply stick to brand loyalty. After the advent of Patanjali products, people felt that , it is the end for Uniliver products and they would be sent packing. But that company has come with Ayur brand of products and now posing a great threat to Patanjali itself. So what I mean to stress and say here that companies need to survive the market and they have to come with one product or the other to keep their customer base in intact or improve. So never go by new products , be with your own brand and loyalty.
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    The newspapers are full of negative news such as murders, loots and suicides.It seems everywhere the people ,who are filled with negative thought reside. There are many good news also. Why are these news not take place in newspaper. By promoting bad news , we don't do any good for young generation.Newspapers should promote good news.
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    Yes , We have many options. We are confused. Companies focus on those points ,which are untouched by other companies. I was watching the add of Patanjali mustard oil in which it is said Kachi Ghani ka Sarson Tel.Patanjali mustard oil is really good for health. Although companies make us confuse.But it also give us knowledge about the things ,which are sold by other companies.
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    Too much competition. Every one want to increase their sales by advertising. They always try to find out something or other new in their product. So different advertisements in the channels and papers. The user is getting more and more getting confused. Sometimes the same company will say two products of their company are the best. We can't use two products at a time. More confused. It is always better to go by our trusted products. We can also go by the suggestions of our friends if necessary. We should not change products time to time unless or otherwise we got any change in the quality. That will be a better solution. I think that is the only we should adopt.

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    It seems you have wrongly posted one of your threads as reply to this thread. Kindly check it and do the needful.

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    The competition amongst the big manufacturers are going up with every passing day. Different manufacturers, manufacturing same or same kind of products are trying hard to capture the market. They are trying to lure the customers with their advertisements showing in different channels and also published in newspapers. Many celebrities are taking part in these advertisements and making huge income. Although it is not clear whether they themselves use the products they are campaigning for.
    The understanding level of common man has also gone up considerably. Now they do not blindly buy or use a product only because of these advertisements ; rather they consider every pros and cons and take opinions of knowledgeable people before buying anything.

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