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    News papers are filled with negative news

    The newspapers are full of negative news murders, loots and suicides. It seems everywhere the people, who are filled with negative thought reside.There are many good news also.Why are these
    news n't take place in newspapers.By promoting negative news , we don,t do any good for the new generation.
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    You are right. Whenever we open the pages of a newspaper we come across news like murders, robbery, theft, rape and suicides. The society has changed a lot during the past few decades. Issues like unemployment, poverty, lust etc. are responsible for it.
    However, people with positive mindset generally avoid reading these news but one cannot ignore them completely as any of these crimes can happen anytime and anywhere and with anybody.

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    Unfortunately, the so-called negative news-item becomes news in our country. These items are displayed in the first page. Positive news, if published, are relegated to last page. This is due to sadist main-stream media people. They have changed people's taste in this manner.
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    This is the major problem in our country. All negative news will be given more importance. Even in TV channels also they show negative news only for long time. I read somewhere the posting of Dr.Kalam. In that post he mentioned that in many other countries these news will not be given that much importance. But positive news will appear prominently. Early morning if we open news paper all news about murders.thefts.deaths and other similar news only. Good news like awards winning. Success stories will be somewhere inside. This trend should change. Otherwise everyone is getting averse to see the papers. I feel media should understand the people's feelings and see that only positive news will have more prominent in their papers and channels.
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    I also agree with you Indu Mam, whenever we go to listen the news or if we read in the newspaper, it is mostly related to murders, big crimes, theft, harassment in many forms and a lot more. This is the reason I do not prefer watching news. Because there is a lot of negativity spread all around. Media tries to figure out everything in a complex manner. They never focus on positive aspect of any topic.
    Is it because even people like to read and watch such sadness or are they really effected by this? Even my father watches news most of the times, and at max, it gives negative impact, some or the other times it is related to elections or so. It is really because people are more negative today rather than being positive. Or we can also say that it is the era of "Kalyug" - when the elders , our grandparents used to teach us that there will be more of blood spread around in these times and people will keep doing sin at every single moment.

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    Good observation from the author. News papers are surviving on sensations and they ought to provide such news to attract the regular and new visitors. Murder, decoit, looting , rape has become almost daily happening and above all road accidents and rail accidents have become regular happenings and thus they occupy the first page banner item. Society and people are also interested in such kind of news and never bothered about any achievement or developmental news. So taking cue from the readers choice , news papers have started reporting negative news in large numbers. I never found the news papers interviewing ordinary persons who have achieved some thing extra ordinary. What I understand that the news journos are paid for the their articles and that is why apart from crime news they also write on those who sponsor their own write up.
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    In the present situation everything become commercial and meant for money. For making money they can go to any extent. Recently, a newspaper publish a news about the arrest of sirsa ashram person. They mentioned the name of the leader as 'Gurmeet singh ' instead of 'Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh' without minding that there are many spiritual leaders in the name they have mentioned. This is a sample only. similarly I saw once in a wall sheet of a newspaper that, 'quarrel in Parliament'. When seeing with curiosity whether it is in our India, Inside the newspaper they have mentioned as it was happened in some other country.

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