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    Mechanism behind PAN and Aadhar card link up

    Recently, central government took steps to link up PAN and Aadhar cards. Otherwise PAN card would not be valid after threshold date. Most of the people like me might be effected by this decision of the government. My question is how ISC members respond to such action was taken by the government. My opinion is it is also in the part of eradication of black money. Is it possible to eradicate block money by taking such steps. Can ISC members give correct mechanism behind these steps taken by the government?
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    Yes I do agree that after certain period the PAN number has to be renewed again on the lines of our vehicle registration card. But basic and previous information of every tax payer are available with the income tax department and moreover Aadhaar has become the parent document or card through which we had already appended our details while obtaining cards for every member of the family. In future once the PAN card is issued to a person, that would be permanent on his name till his death and that way the systems would upgraded and safe guarded with updates.
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    PAN was a right step and initiative when it was implemented. It stood the test of times. It almost served as a base identity and reference for financial transactions. But the main drawback was that it was needed only for the taxpayers and for transactions above a particular threshold. So people found easy ways to circumvent and avoid taking PAN card. The main defect was that it was not easy to find if a person has more than one PAN. Using this lacuna interested people avoided tax and surveillance by using different PAN numbers.

    The Aadhaar was envisaged as a Unique Identity of a person, which will be the sole reference base and identity for anything and everything involving that person.

    To encourage people it was started as a sort of incentive giving facility for subsidies and other benefits from government. By this almost all the people who receive or are entitled to get subsidies and other benefits from government enrolled for Aadhaar. As LPG subsidy was also brought under Aadhaar clasp, the middle class was compelled to enroll for Aadhaar.
    Gradually and slowly government(s) started tightening the screw and started measures to eliminate duplication. Linking of PAN and Aadhaar is one such measure. In fact this was one action that made most of those who were consciously resisting Aadhaar card, to enroll for Aadhaar card.
    However it is still ironic why Aadhaar is not made mandatory as identification for voting. It gives a lot of doubts in thinking people's minds.

    The main cause of hesitation and insecurity in my mind ever since Aadhaar was implemented was the taking of various bio-metric data for Aadhaar. The single point source for all financial, social and physical realms of individuals is giving me nightmares. It totally disregards the cautious segregation advised in our traditional wisdom' Do not keep all eggs in one basket'. In Aadhaar all eggs are in one basket. The whole India and its population is i at the mercy of one hack. Just a small knock is enough..... No one can be sure whether any leak and hack has already occurred. God forbid.

    (A deep analytical study and practical side can reveal that it is still easy to get an Aadhaar card using certain flexible clauses, which can be easily misused by vested interests.)

    As with everything, the simple, innocent law abiding citizen has still to face many hurdles even to rectify a spelling mistake. Hope things will stabilise and ease out soon.

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    Yes. Initially PAN was introduced. But It is not a must. It has become compulsion only to tax payers. Some people are trying to avoid obtaining the same. At the same time some people are getting two PAN Cards. Because of these loop wholes, Government has brought the concept of Unique Identity card. In this case there is no chance to get two cards as it is connected to personal identities through bio metrics. The government encouraged or forced many people to go for Aadhaar by linking with many subsidies, incentives and other benefits given by government . If one is not having Aadhaar card he will forego many benefits. So many has taken the cards. Now by linking this card to all duplicate PAN cards will go away. People can't evade tax payment by showing different PAN cards. So tax collection will increase and black money will come down.
    But the threat with Aadhaar is all our identities are linked with one card all the details are available with a single private party.
    Now Supreme court has declared that personnel information can;t be shared and privacy of information should be the fundamental right of the individual. In this aspect what will be the stand of Government is to be seen.

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    Whatever Govt will do some people will find loopholes and take advantage of it. You can not make everything foolproof as the brains which create it similar brains will hack it.

    So question is not the ration card or voters card or driving license or PAN card or Aadhar card it is in fact the governance in the system and compliance of rules which matters.

    The basic idea behind Aadhar card was to make it a unified card and in fact it was supposed to replace many cards at one go but unfortunately it did not succeed to that great extent though it has got its own phenomenal success.

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    Before Aadhar card came to the stage, is it correct that corruption is large in amount comparing with after Aadhar card system implemented. Tax payers are increased due to link up of PAN and Aadhar. I have one doubt that politicians have such genuity to increase the potentiality of the people who are below poverty line. If such genuity is there then why is it needed to invest huge amount at people to win in the elections. Can you explain the mechanism of thoughts of policy makers and implemented actions?

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