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    Be clear on your dream, if you really want to achieve it.

    Everyone of us feel that we want to achieve something in life or we try to follow someone and say.. I want to become like this person in life. But do life really go about like this?
    Really not. If we want to achieve something in life, we should be very clear about it, also we need to love the process to reach to that stage of success. When we were small, we always thought to become something like doctor, engineer and so.. in our life. But with growing age, some things start to shadow and things are left like that, and similarly the dreams also change and we follow the random way of life.
    It is not necessary that what we want in our life, will shoot us in our head and we will say "Oh yes I have to do this or get this." It never works like this. It is our love and passion for something that works.
    We simply start doing what we love to do. Those things, those moments and thoughts sometimes change our lives tremendously. And we realize our true potential in it. Life is random, we make ourselves different from every part of it. So, if we really want to achieve something, then we have to love the process of getting it. Because it is definitely not easy to get anything, and if you are ready to follow the path towards it, you will be the master in that case. But if you will not love the process towards your destination, it will be tough to reach or you can highly reach there. So, live your dream with your eyes open and facing towards it.
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    I agree with what you said that if we really want something we need to be clear in our thoughts about that aim.
    We need to love the destination as well as the path through which we are going to reach that destination or the process for achieving our goal. Even if this path is full of struggles and pain we need to look these things in a positive way and keep moving forward focusing on just one thing which is our aim. One should always be ready to struggle with difficulties because we humans are also like diamonds the more we struggles more we shine .

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Very rightly said Neelam, "we humans are also like diamonds the more we struggles more we shine " - the more we face issues or problems, the more we get learning and similarly, more we become our best people.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Every one of us goes to the dream mode and that is the fantasy world to which there is no restriction and full potential to do anything for free and enjoy. But what is the use of those dreams which ends with no reality and thus we are back to same old life routine daily. In this regard I always admire and respect the views of our former President APJ Abul Kalaam that we must dream big and work in that direction. The dream should be in our striking distance and that should not be out of box. Every step towards fulfilling the dream is a positive attitude and when we are at the striking range of dream, even others would give a ray of hope and help to achieve our success. One more thing once the rare dream is achieved, we should not go head strong. Be polite and patient and always have the courtesy to say thanks to those who helped in achieving the success and that would pave way for still more secured life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Aim big, dream big, act big and achieve. This is the philosophy. We should always have a target and goal in our life. That target or aim should be big. Generally here the word Dream is used as a thinking. This is my opinion. Once we ream it, we should make a root map to achieve the same. In this world nothing is free. For every thing you have strive. The harder the strive, the better the result. Once the root map is made you should follow that. During this there may be some obstacles on the way. We should not take a back step by seeing these obstacles. We should overcome and go forward. Here it comes our sincere efforts for achieving the same. By seeing those obstacles if we run back we are lost. So stand for a moment, understand the obstacle, find out ways and means to over come it. Try various ways you think better. Get advise from experts and go forward. Then the success will be yours. So fix a target where you have to stretch yourself to achieve it and get it. It should be endless. One aim is over, go for another one. Then your life will be full of rewards. Please remember, there is no replacement for hardwork
    always confident

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    A man without aim is like a boat with a sail or a car without a steering. He can go astray at any moment of life. Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian Woman astronomer of our country dreamt of flying like a bird in the sky since childhood and she did it. Nothing could stop her from achieving her cherished dream.
    I do agree that circumstances play a great role in fulfilling our dreams and if we have made our dream as the bird's eye and go all out for it, no hindrance on the way can stop us from achieving it, sooner or later.
    The reasons of our failures of what we want to achieve in life is because of the fact that when we grow up, our steadiness shutters in most cases and the life around us deviates us from our path.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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