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    Imagine what would happen if..?

    Imagine what would happen if everyone earning member in a family donates only one currency value of his or her country for every month in a year.
    We would have millions,wrong almost a few billions of money for creating a fund which could be sent to the United Nations Organization.
    From here , they would go to the needy people who are in crisis and need help for leading a normal daily life.
    We sit today with ease on comfortable chairs and beds in our rooms when there are millions out there who don't even have the hope of finding a roof above their head.
    Some are forced to leave their country, some are persecuted and killed, some are victims of genocide and the list never ends.
    When will we realize the real need of the hour and wake up to really help our needy brothers and sisters who have even lost the hope of living happily one day?
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    Good thought coming out of authors mind to reach out for those who are in dire need of basic because they have been battered with fury of the nature. By the way the UN has been created with corpus fund and the main members of that organization are supposed to donate liberally for the cause of member nations. The so called super powers who are spending huge money on weapons and bombs are not concentrating to help member nations. UN on the other hand unable to cope up increasing demand for the help and donation from the affected countries. Such is worst condition of donations that the natural disaster that affected Nepal last year to which the UN is seeking donations from the public and the ads are appearing even in these pages. Nevertheless the idea of donating is great and I am ready.
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    Donating Re 1/- by earning Indian, US$ 1/- by earning American, 1/- British Pound by every Englishman is not a very big deal. But who will manage this fund? Will it reach the people for whom it is donated? These questions are creating a stumbling block in this noble cause.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Donating Rs.1/- is not a big deal. Many people will do that. One way or other all of us are donating more than a rupee every day. But who will Organise. How to collect the fund from to maintain a proper account. These things will become more expensive finally we may not be able to have funds to donate. Another point to be noted is how to see that it will reach the needy. So Organisation is the biggest problem.
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    A noble idea indeed! Everybody will be more than willing to donate for a noble cause provided the amount reaches the right hand. However, as partha Sir has rightly pointed out, who will be entrusted with the responsibility of managing the fund and ensure its proper disbursement?
    Corruption is so deep rooted everywhere that nobody can be trusted to handle the fund. Even if a real honest person or group does the job, questions will be raised from the corrupted people from all corners.
    Hence, I think the proposal is not feasible.

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    Excellent thought provoking thread. It would be a great success only if there are like minded people right from the hands that donates to the hands that need it.

    We are all familiar with the Give Up LPG Subsidy Government drive, it was supposed to save Rs 22,000 crores but the actual number of people who have given up is so low that it amount to only 4,000-5,000 crores. Another well known fact of Aid to Africa programs was that only 1/3 of what was collected from well meaning citizens of the west actually reached the needy.

    There has to be accountability, transparency of records and chain of custody of funds from the time money leaves the donor, to the various accounts of various schemes and from there back to the actual implementer of the programs for the poor - food, clean water, housing, education etc.. But sadly we only hear of people misusing funds from temples, from midday meal programs, from municipal cleanliness program etc.

    There are good people in this part of the world too.

    Mr.Kalyana Sundaram, a librarian who has donated his every ruppee of his entire 35 years of salary - Rs 30 crores for the poor - he was named Man of the Millennium.
    Mr. Jadav Payeng, known as "Forest Man of India" has single handedly transformed a 550 acre desert into a green forest that's know home to elephants and tigers.He did this by planting and watering saplings one a day for many decades. What such common men have done is far more than meaningful than many millionaires.

    If such noble men can do it? I don't think it would be so difficult for people in the world to spare a single rupee each from his or her own country around the world.

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    Fund raising was never an issue in this world and presently also it is not difficult. The real issue is, as some other members have also pointed out, management of this fund and deliver the proceeds to the deserving and genuine beneficiaries.

    Honesty of the purpose, honest leadership, disciplined team and dedicated work force are the prerequisites for such an utopian scheme or rather say conjecture. It is not impossible to achieve this but the real purpose is completely lost if the operating machinery is rusted.

    In the end blame game is played by the different agencies and executives and the real beneficiary is left high and dry.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A lot can be done when like-minded people get together, to support a cause. The idea suggested by you might not be feasible. Anyway, why collect funds for the UN, why not collect within the community and help those in need.

    In my apartment complex everyone (well almost everyone) donates old newspapers, on a monthly basis. These newspapers are collected from the doorstep (we need to leave them outside our main door) and the proceeds from the sale of these newspapers are donated to a different organisation, each month – orphanages, schools or those needing financial assistance for medical emergencies.

    We manage to collect a few thousand, it might not be much, but it does lessen someone's burden. A few years ago a computer and uniforms were donated to the Panchayat School. If everyone joins hands and does their bit, the world would be a better place. People are not bad; they just need to be reminded to be good. Once their conscience is pricked, they begin to do good.

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