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    Quote Quest: Word of the day 'Swivel'

    Hello ISCians,

    Welcome to the Sunday special challenge 'Quote Quest' . This is a contest which will be done to improve the vocabulary skills of our members. It was so nice to see many members pullout themselves and express through words. Hoping for the continued participation from more ISCians.

    Word of the day is "SWIVEL". The real meaning of this world is spinning around an axis, but it's has plenty more ways in which this word can be conveyed. Check out it's synonyms to know all of them. Use this word to creat a quote as 1 liner, a short poem or a story of your own creation.


    1. Must create your own quote and post it.

    2. Copied contests or spam are strictly violated.

    3. You can attach related pic after editing your quote into it along with your post. It's not mandatory.

    4. There is no limit in posting. You can come up with more than 1 quote or poem or story.

    5. Your content must include the word of the day.

    6. Do not pullout your queries and suggestions in this thread. Try posting as a new forum or respond here when the contest expires.

    If you are not aware about the meaning of the word them do check it and come up with some attractive quotes. Looking forward for those creative minds. Happy inking.
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    Everything in life swivels around a swivel. Isn't it!

    the earth swivels from night to day
    the weather swivels from rain to sunshine
    the mood swivels from somber to cheerful

    Let's hope that we humans....

    swivel from bad to good
    swivel from crying to laughing
    swivel from materialism to spiritualism
    swivel from animosity to generosity

    Then behold the new world

    concrete jungles swivels into green jungles
    stranger swivels into a friend
    and certainly.....

    a listless life will swivel into a meaningful life
    and finally Man would become worthy enough to tread Mother Earth...

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    Sometimes mere requests don't get your work done. You need to swivel around people to get your work done.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Sentence with 'swiveI': I sit on a swivel chair while working on my computer.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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