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    Google adsense revenue in ask expert section is for who ask question or for those who answer?

    As per as my question Google adsense revenue n ask expert section is for who ask question or for those who answer? page view count who ask question or who answer the question or page count is equally divided among all member who ask question and answer the question ? Also i want to know how much revenue share in ask experts section?
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    From a general and common sense point of view all those who are answering questions will be benefitted by some weight (fraction) of generated revenue from those pages. The person who has asked question will also be getting with another weight (fraction) which will be different and may be smaller also.

    These are decided by the editors and management committees after a great deliberations and thinking and it is not obligatory on their part to disclose it.

    The total formula for revenue share will comprise of various elements from various sections and as per guidelines weights (fraction) will be there to arrive at a final figures.

    In case if there is some major discrepancy or ambiguity the webmaster and other technical persons will be resolving it from time to time and to that extent it will be developing further towards a more robust formula.

    This is what comes to mind at this point of time in response to the interesting and important thread raised by the author.

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    Good thread, although the revenue may not be huge, its a like a token of appreciation for the contributions of the members and like most things in life, its an incentive to
    1. visiting the site regularly
    2. write articles, replies to threads and expert questions
    3. improve our overall skills

    Maybe a team of senior admin members can identify members who are fit deemed for adsense extension, instead of the author asking for it. it sometimes sounds like blowing our own trumpet. Just my thoughts

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    In fact every member who got Google Adsense account created and in force would get the ad share as per the agreed terms with our site and that can be from contributions in all the sections of this great site.
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    First of all the Google adsense account it to be approved by the agency. Then only we will be eligible to get the revenue. Once your account is approved for you posts in all sections will get the they calculate and other details willbe known to the web mater and editors.
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    As per you questions which is asking whether "Google adsense revenue in ask expert section is for who ask question or for those who answer?"
    I believe it is applicable for both, same as forum.

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    Rahul is right - the AdSense revenue share policy is the same for both the forum and the Ask Expert section. Please refer: How AdSense revenue sharing works in the forum

    I would further like to give info based on what Tony Sir had stated in a thread when this same query had come up some years back (the thread has gone into the archives.) -

    Those who answer in an AE thread will start getting AdSense share right away (even if their answers are under new submissions, waiting for review by the editors.) Based on points, the earnings are accrued. Suppose the total points for all posts together in a thread is 50 and you got 10 points in that thread, then you will get 20% of the impressions as your proportionate share. The remaining 80% goes to the other members who responded in the thread, provided they have an AdSense account. If any of them do not have an AdSense account, then their share goes to ISC.

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