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    Parents, please make your children with smiling face.

    I am seeing the school children as many of them with shrinken/sullen/crying face as they are just following their parents. We, the parents are highly responsible for making them to have a good and smily face. We should train them with clean habits and good habits by telling the moral stories and making them to understand the good and bad. After 1970's the habit of telling stories to the children by their parents and grand parents is missed a lot and so the crimes and erring children are high in present day world. I am seeing many death notices of boys and girls of aged under 20,on the roadside. A group of four boys aged between 17 and 22 in an area of Chennai were consumed liquor by sitting on the railway track near their house and three of them were died by got smashed in an electric train as one among them went to pass urine by the side of track. If we plan to have a good peaceful nation, we should train the children with well manners.
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    Ha! Ha! I am sure most parents make their children with 'smiling face'. Pardon the pun, but I just could not resist not posting it.
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    A noble thought and thread. I couldn't agree with you more, we live in a world where is everything is changing and sadly the way we bring up our children. I'm sure many parents wouldn't like their kids to be dull,depressed or picking up drugs and alcohol. But there are many constraints facing today's parents

    1. nuclear family
    2. father and mother working full time
    3. grandparents and elders are often only weekend guests
    4.diminishing quality time available
    5. varying levels of social strata and affordability
    6.varying levels of stress and psychological issues among parents themselves

    Form the children's viewpoint

    1. more access for pocket money
    2. better access for social media, touchphone, tab and internet
    3. More peer pressure to imitate their idols or film heroes
    4. being part of a 'gang' to hang out and experiment
    5.easy access to tobacco, addictive energy drinks, alcohol and drugs
    6. spending more time with nanny or maid servant
    7. father or mother physically present at home but emotionally/socially absent
    8. persistent pressure from parents to ATTEND school, SCORE more the neighbour's child

    If you taking these and many more together then it's obvious that the quality rearing of children is not feasible

    Some of the events that have amazed me are

    Parents fighting at PT meetings (primary school) for getting that 2-3 marks extra so that their child is declared as first. Poor adults didn't think twice about the perfectly joyful child who was already declared as first. It just wiped the smile in an instant
    Parents getting their drivers to pick up the birthday gift
    Parents pampering kids with the latest gadgets and encouraging after hours socializing
    Parents paying money to get a school project done elsewhere for their kids

    To conclude, i'm sure most of us can do much more to ensure that our growing children have joy, peace and YES a smile on their face. I think we should just slow down a little and see things from a slightly different prespective.

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    Good thread from the author and ot stress the need for keeping the school going children happy and cheerful while they are going to school. Now a days the parents being working lot, they send the children by auto , school bus or by public transport. The children have to complete the home work and other tasks given the previous day. Some times children forget or cannot not complete due to other pressing works and the parents does not know this. In the morning the child would come to know about the pending work and the parent wont even help at that time. So the helpless child has to cry and demand that he wont go to school. Parents must see the daily activities of the child and also have the interaction with the class teacher if they could not visit the school often. That way there is scope for understanding the child and his pending works and also having good relations with the teacher.
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    These days the ambitions of parents are on the sky. Every parent want his ward to be number one wherever he goes and whatever he does. But because of their busy schedules and other hurries they couldn't take care of their wards. They spend money and put him in schools where the teachers will take care of them. No elders will be available in the house what these children are doing and how they are spending their time. The families these dates very isolated only. No grand parents stay with the. Nobody teaches them the morals and important aspects of life. So they get accustomed to TV shows and cell phones. They never wanted to go to school. But parents will force them to go. This is the situation. Parents should see that their children are happy. Parents should also expect results basing on the individual's calibre but not on your expextations. If this chane comes in parents all children will be always smiling only.
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