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    Jumping the queue. Pushing someone back is becoming very common

    Most of us everyday would have silently expressed this : Jumping the Queue.. At the petrol bunk, at the Tyre air filling point, at the supermarket weighing counter, at the toll, entering and exiting gates at public places and even at temples.

    There is always someone or many at times who without any sense of etiquette or shall I call it basic civic sense barges ahead of you. Their is complete lack of consideration for the man or woman who is standing patiently to be served next and suddenly finds that someone else has jumped the line. I find it very irritating, earlier I used to politely point out to the person or the service provided only to be found to be completely ignored, frowned or even shouted at. The saddest part it very rarely there is someone to support my stand apart from instance where in there is a senior citizen next to me or behind me

    Would love the see the responses and experiences of others
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    Etiquette, basic civic sense or even patience have become old words these days. everybody is in a hurry and wants to get his things done on priority basis. People have become so selfish that they never bother for the others standing in a queue for hours, waiting for their turn. They don't have feelings even for the aged or ladies.
    Another common irritating trend is, when you are nearing the counter of a bank or near the service provider, some people come and occupy the positions before you. If asked, they calmly reply that they were already in the line and had gone to some petty job. You get more frustrated when the others standing in front of you also support them.

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    Last evening, I was at a wedding and true to form people were jumping queues, even to wish the newly married couple. There was a serpentine queue and once we reached the stage where the couple were seated, another couple barged ahead of us, elbowing me, out of the way. So, uncouth. I would have given them a piece of my mind, but stayed quiet, because it was a wedding.

    I get irritated, especially at billing counters, when people step in ahead of me, to get a few items billed. At least show some courtesy and ask before cutting the line, is what I tell them. I could be busier than them, so what if they have just a bottle of shampoo to pay for. My time is precious too.

    And at toll plaza's motorists race to get ahead of other cars, as though their competing in the Gran Prix. I am extra cautious while approaching toll booths, cause you never know when someone from the next lane could decide to cross over into my lane. Some idiots do it a breakneck speed, as though their life depends on it, oblivious to the fact that they could cause an accident.

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    Oops, I inadvertently posted a response meant for another thread, in here.

    I was totally impressed, with what was shown in the news coverage of the Japanese, after the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami. The orderly way in which they stood, in long queues, waiting their turn, to receive food packets and other aid, was commendable. The kind of patience and discipline they exhibited was admirable.

    In contrast, when disaster strikes in our villages, towns and cities there is utter mayhem. It is shocking to see people surround aid vehicles and grab stuff. Everyone worries about their own survival, without giving a second thought to the others. We exhibit not just a lack of discipline, but also absolute insensitivity. The worst bit is that even the educated behave in the same deplorable manner. Everyone is in a rush. I find it funny that we show our competitiveness in queues. I wish we aimed to be ahead of where it really mattered.

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    Today I received a video clip in whatsapp that showed the two different scene of boarding a metro train (as mentioned there) in India and Japan. The 'Indian' scene was that of chaos and jostling where as in te 'Japan' scene boarding people patiently waited in an orderly queue and allowed people to alight first and then entered the train.The clip ended with a statement 'that is why Japan is developed and India is still developing'. A nice hammering to us.

    I had the fortune to visit Mumbai in my late teens and to live there for many decades. That helped me to get into the habit of standing in queues and wait patiently for my turn. The queue system helps the task to go smooth and ensures that first come is first served. Thus it instils a sense of punctuality also in people.( Of course the Mumbai local trains were an exception, but due to the utmost co-operation and camaraderie that also was functioning well).

    As the author confessed,I also used to get irritated if anybody jumped queues and politely asked them to follow queues. If that does not work, I had to say firmly in a determined tone. But I used to get full support from the people standing in queue and in almost all the times, the person was compelled to follow the queue order.

    Unfortunately things are getting changed now. If we try to point out violations now,most probably we will be ignored and isolated. There is a 'who cares' and 'don't care' attitude now. We may even become vulnerable to violent reactions.
    Slowly things are going to the level of 'might is right'. Not a good prognosis for the country.

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    Nice post from the author and my personal experience on this must be shared here. I often go to the ESIC dispensary for my regular medicines for BP and Sugar as invariably on every visit the rush would be much as all of them are employees in some companies and want to jump the queue and avail the medical benefits within no time. They never respect the queue, nor senior citizens who are standing sincerely for hours together. I am very much particular about people in the guise of inquiry settling there itself in the queue and taking their turn. I shall volunteer to send them back no matter who may be. If I start, others will also shout and wont allow to tresspass the queue. If every one follow the queue at registration, doctor room , lab and medicine room, the work would be smooth and moving fast. But if one disturbs the queue the whole system gets disturbed as many would seek the special favor.
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    No civic sense and no social obligations. Don't worry about others, how to complete your work as fast as possible. It is the only aim. Many places we see people overtake the people standing in the queues and complete their work. The people in the queue will stare at them. Nothing will happen. Even we shout some times the person will never look back. As if he is a deaf person he will go forward. Nobody will care if you tell the concerned people. Simply they will say, what to do Sir, they should understand. This is very common when you get in to buses, paying money in counters etc. As a rule our family members including my sons will never try to overtake the queues. Some times we stand like mad and other people will be going ahead. Sometimes I feel irritated but I don't want to shout without any use. The people should understand the feelings of other people. Nowadays one advantage is Cinema tickets are available on line. we book in advance. Otherwise to go stand in a queue there is horrible. People will walk on our heads and go forward for ensuring tickets for them.
    The people should change. But I don't know really it happens or not.

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