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    Why people try to cross rails and roads even if there is a foot over bridge?

    In India, we generally see people trying to cross the rails and roads even if there exists a footbridge. Generally, our rails will be untidy but still people won't bother about it and try to cross it. What is the reason for doing so? Is it a herd mentality, I mean if one follows, others will follow him? or is it due to laziness?
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    It is general tendency to resort to short cuts. Even water and electricity also tend to flow in the easiest route . Most of us feel overconfident on our abilities . However sometimes misjudgements occur and lead to disasters.
    Those who plan and design the alternatives should keep in mind the inherent tendency and make the alternative in such a way that it is not discouraging and as close to the original.

    However we should be convinced that shortcuts are not at all good and should consciously avoid taking shortcuts.

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    Very good thread.
    This is the very same reason why skywalks, overbridges and subways have become WHITE ELEPHANT projects of many metro municpals

    the reasons in my views are many and can be

    1.Human factors
    a. we've all grown with a culture where in we have to find the quickest way for anything, this overrides any common sense and sense of safety that one should have - A 10 year old child drives a car - parents happily pat him on his back, post selfies forgetting that they has already made that child a person who ignores rules, safety and increasing takes on risks
    b.lack of civic awareness
    c.under-estimating the risk
    d.and yes herd mentality

    2.Physical factors
    Often using a skywalk means walking for some distance, crossing over and the walking back again to the point, this becomes tedious with lots of luggage to be dragged or carried along
    Lack of proper lighting
    Poor maintainance

    3. Risk factors
    These sky walks often have hawkers, vendors, beggars and antisocial elements
    Unruly people smoking, spitting and urinating some times
    fear of being harassed, abused or assaulted

    If one were to address all these with equal importance, then with time this will change.

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    A very valid question. It is astonishing that people prefer to take risk and play with their own life than to cross the over-bridge. I also used to do this even five years ago. But with the passage of time, I find that my age is inversely proportion to my ability to take risk. Even now I feel to cross the Ring Road (the busiest road in Delhi) without using over-bridge or subway. But I constantly remind myself:"Partha, you are on the verge of half-century. Don't take undue risk now. Score the half-century batting safely and continue further."
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    I think it is more to with lack of discipline than anything else. Indiscipline is so deeply ingrained in our system that we do not even realise that we are doing something wrong.

    I have cited this example earlier too, but it is parents who teach their children to break rules. Children follow by example and as adults do what they saw their parents doing. Driving on the wrong side of the road, jumping traffic signals and breaking queues are some of the things we do, without batting an eyelid. We violate all rules and care a hang about them. However, when we go abroad, we follow all the rules.

    I wish people were penalised for breaking rules. They not only put themselves in danger but create a risk for others as well. Fines should be levied on anyone who does not follow rules.

    Foot over bridges aren't maintained. They are dirty and rainwater collects in puddles on the landings, making it difficult to cross. Drunkards, drug addicts, homeless and stray animals occupy parts of these bridges, making them unsafe. So, despite my views on lack of discipline, I don't blame people for not using them.

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    May be I can reply to this in one sentence:

    "To save time they lose life "

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    People are always in a hurry . They spend their time in gossips. But when they are on roads and crossing they show, they have no time. Some are too lazy to cross the rails and roads even if there is a foot -over bridge. Some people want to show their boldness, That they have no fear in crossing the rails and roads. Some are ignorant enough, they think ,it is duties of drivers to stop the vehicles,when they are crossing.
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    Our country citizens always want everything easy and free. They like short cuts. They will never enter the building via Main Gate. They always look for doors which are near to them. They know crossing platforms through railway line is dangerous. They know that there is a bridge. Nowadays escalators are also there. Even then they want to cross the railway line. For them reaching destination early is the only point. Even they may reach their life's destination in this attempt. They don't think that. Same is the case in crossing the roads. In each and every moment of them they invite danger. They don't bother for safety. While driving bikes the way some people drive is really terrible. The way they get down from this bus is unbearable. The way they hang in the entrance of the city bus near the gate is very pathetic. Ultimately by doing all this what is the gain these people are getting. I don't know? They are putting their lives at risk by themselves. There is only one simple reason, trying always for short cuts.
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