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    Can I quit 2 years of IT job for cdac exam preparation

    Hi all,

    So my query that, "I have 2 years of IT experience, and in the mid of 1.7-1.8 years of experience I felt I am not updated to the technology. I felt this is not the exact place I am supposed to be. So I started researching about VLSI course centre in Bangalore. Then on one fine day, I read about cdac, after researching many info about cdac, I need to join cdac for gaining more knowledge. So currently I am planning to quit a IT job, and decided to prepare for upcoming December cdac exam. So is it right time to do ? ".

    Can any one suggest me better. About my moto.
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    In life if one has to get some thing we have to forgo something else. This situation of yours is also on same line. If you are targeting higher education and better prospects, quitting the present job is left to your prerogative. And at the same time also consult your parents who may be having high hopes on your present income for which they may have some plans. Never take such decisions unilateral as you have to consult every one and ultimate decision of parents must be respected as they have invested their time and money on you and they have the final say on all your future needs as their needs.
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    I think to quit a job in hand for education expecting good job after completing the course is not a good proposition. This is a very unsuitable time for that. Many IT companies are removing employees. They are not recruiting new candidates. No new posts are created. In fact the industry is in a very bad time. I remember a saying." A bird in the hand worth two in the bush". There may be two in the bush. Where is the guarantee that you can get them into your hand. There is lot of gap between hand and the mouth. Even it may slip in between. So you should think twice before doing that. Your quest for better career is very good and we must appreciate you for that. There is no second thought about is. But you should not empty your bucket of water expecting a heavy rain. It is very difficult to predict rain falling. My sincere suggestion is upgrade your knowledge by doing part time or distance education mode. The updation of subject relating to the post presently you are in will help you to perform better and chances of pay increases and promotions will increase. Think in this angle also. However choice is yours. All the best to you.
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    My suggestion would be:
    If you are aiming at preparing for exams don't quit your job as it is possible to prepare for your exams even as you are working. Though it might become little stressful but yes it is possible to do so as even I did it in the same way.

    The reason why I didn't quit while preparing for my exams was:

    I had to support my parents and if I had quit my job for Masters then they would have to support my education again for the next two years with no guarantee of getting a good job. This didn't seem like a good idea to me. So I continued my studies along with my job.

    Though we have started to earn independently, we have a moral responsibility towards our parents who are dependent on us. Of-course our parents would allow us to continue with our passion.

    My situation was different so I had to choose this path but the same might not with you. Since you have already felt that IT is no longer a place for you, consider continuing it till you crack the exam and then you can, of course, continue with your studies after quitting your job.

    I do have two friends of mine who left IT to pursue their masters. In both the cases, their financial condition was sound. They could afford to study without depending on their parents to support them while studying.

    You are the best person to decide if you can manage it with or without a job.

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    In my opinion this can be answered properly and nicely in 'Ask expert' by our experts.

    It is a bit late now but concerned editors may look into this.

    Knowledge is power.

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