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    Are you interested in watching News channels these days?

    This is a very serious question to my fellow ISCians. With the advent of too many News channels that are being aired, we are unable to choose the best one. Added to this, every channel is more or less biased and patronises one or the other political party or its leader. Everyone trying to break the news first to be aired on their channel and we will have an Exclusive label scrolling at the middle with a back drop sliding and surprisingly it would be exclusive news for every channel, if you try to switch over to the other.

    At the end we lose interest to watch the so called special telecast and this would be the same with the regional channels also and wind up with desperation. Are you interested to watch these news channels and how many of you follow them?
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    I restrict the watching of news to a few channels. So, I do not surf channels to see which is showing what. I know exactly, which channels to switch to. I prefer channels that give news without over dramatising it. I trust the news channels that I watch and know that they are completely unbiased.

    I am highly amused when I visit people and find the TV on and the news anchors grilling guests, as though they are interrogating them. I hate it when news anchors let their personal views impact the actual news. All the tamasha that goes on in the name of news is ridiculous. I like to just listen/watch news that is presented without any histrionics. I like news anchors psoe tough questions, without losing their cool. I hate the fighting matches that go on air, in the name of news and debates, where one cannot be heard over the other.

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    You are correct. There is no interest in watching mews channels now a days. Many news channels emerged. Every channel is having some political patronage. So they go on projecting everything done by the party as correct. In Telugu also there are many news channels. There is one channel called Namastae Telangana. This Channel belongs to a close relative of the Chief Minister. He will show everything about that party only. Similarly there is on Channel by name ABN. He always make a point to criticise BJP. These are the examples but many are there. So I don't prefer watching these news channel. ETV and Gemini TV also have News channels. They just give the happenings but no support to any particular party. The news from these channels are like DD News only. Some times for a brief period I may watch these channels. But not others.
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    These days the news channels air everything but news. People generally switch on to the news channels to know the latest happenings in the country or the world. But these channels are mostly engaged in long discussions on matters to which general public have virtually no interest, projecting the things by the party that patronize the channels, breaking news on a matter that is repeated again and again without going for any details and such other things. They are interested only to increase their TRP rate and never bother for the hapless viewers who want to know about the latest happenings.

    The worst part of these channels are the ad. breaks. This is one area where they can easily defeat the most popular serials or movies showing in any other channel. These ad. breaks are so long and so frequent that people are often compelled to change the channels.
    Keeping all these facts in mind, it is not at all desirable to watch TV. for news ; rather read the newspapers or even radio which is becoming obsolete these days.

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    Since you have raised the topic, I have to mention the answers with details. In the morning I start with V6 news at 5.30 am where in news with twist and comedy are shown which are enjoyable. Then at six I shift to TV9 telugu news which would give comprehensive coverage of whole news of previous day and some breaking news that has happened over night or early morning. Then I shift to Times Now , the National news channel which give in depth news various happenings around the world and most of the scams of present and previous governments are made known to us. Above all nothing is watched.
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    I must agree, i'm less and less interested in watching the 'new age news channels'. Does anyone remember the good old days of one single national news and the World this week. The presenters were a class apart focusing on content delivery rather than looks and theatrics.

    As the digital age has exploded, so have the number of channels airing the news too... Sadly the TV channels or stations have taken the public for granted and really gone overboard with
    1. appearance of presenters
    2. multiple blow ups, charts
    3. parrot like repetitive messages with very little content
    4. First to break or exclusive report....
    BBC news would be a treat to listen and watch, unfortunately even BBC has gradually succumbed to this change.

    I think partly the society is also responsible, why do we need to grant some many channel, why should the revenue of a channel depend on TRP ratings, why does a presenter need a huge pay package, why do we need a setup box with 100 plus channels. I do agree that we need to change and variety but this should not come at the expense of quality and simplicity

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