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    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

    In favor of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, our country needs cleanliness, this is the great move from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards cleaning of our country. Even the school children will know the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.

    On the other hand, there are rumors that this could to make people believe that the government is making possible efforts for corruption free India showing the sympathetic symbol of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Is it true?

    Delhi is one of the most polluted places in India. The PM said about the improvements by Cleaning Services in Delhi public areas and many of Bollywood celebrities have supported it, still, lot has to be done from our side to make Delhi clean and healthy.

    What would you all say about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
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    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a good initiative BJP government has taken up. Many people are supporting. I have seen great change in some places. But in some places still improvement is required. Basically the success of this programme depends on the reaction of the public to the call given by the Government. Last time I have visited Visakhapatnam, A smart city. I was delighted to see the way in which roads are kept. Very neat and clean. Many places there are dust bins. Nobody is dropping any waste on the road. A school going girl after consuming the chocolate kept the wrapper with her. She told me that she will through it in a dust bin. Really schools there are supporting this cause very strongly. Like that I think there is improvement in cleanliness of roads and public places. But some big cities still has to do lot more for this. This will avoid many diseases and keep environment also clean.
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    Yes, this drive is adopted by people in Patna also.The people are now believing in cleaning their neighborhood also.
    Now, they are trying to throw garbage in a proper place. They try to clean the roads and public places. Now the stations and bus -stoppage are looking clean. But more training are needed for keeping clean the city. Some people are involve in supplying unclean water to passengers by collecting used water bottle. They fill the water and sell it after packing . The innocent public use those water. Some policemen are negligent in their duties. They take bribe for such type of wrong practices. I think they should also take a good training .

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan is a concept like any other good concept. Our PM is dreaming to achieve it through the cooperation of the Govt machinery and public.

    Now everything comes down to one crucial thing - cooperation from all.

    All these schemes are successful only when the governance in the system improves significantly and the culture of work is worship is adapted by the work force either voluntarily or under force.

    No country can develop without discipline and honesty in the work places whether they are Govt organisation or private. The schemes like Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan will be only successful after those drastic changes in present Govt set up and systems are brought out by strict discipline, supervision and monitoring.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Without touching on politics, this scheme is a good start for India. It high time that people of India in-corporate this in everyday life. Mahatma Gandhi, a champion of cleanliness once on a public visit asked for a broom to clean a dirty venue, he was told that cleaning was not the job for officials to do. In reply Gandhiji went to the broom closet, picked up a broom and start clean. Moved by the appalling living conditions of the poor without toilets, he himself took out the night-soil to the nearby disposal area, dug a small pit and buried it. Guess what happened, motivated by this selfless act many youngsters started to form a queue to do the same!

    I am glad that the adverts of the Swachh Bharat campaign have used Gandhiji and senior politicians starting from the PM and celebrities have picked up a broom and clean the streets. Hope this inspires many of us to do the same. Recently after the popular flower show at Lalbagh, Bangalore, the venue was a mess with litter, garbage thrown around by all the visitors. Next day a group of school going children came to the park to help the staff clean the mess. If children can be motivated, it would be a embarrassment if adults can't do the same.

    It may not be possible for all of us to do the same but if we start doing simple deeds like:not littering on streets,
    not spitting pan everywhere, keeping the area around our home, school and workplace clean and majority of the people perform these basic acts, then we can bring in the change that Swachh-Bharat-Abhiyan hopes to.

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