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    Perform or Perish, is the order of the day.

    This has become a slogan in many of the Indian private companies. Earlier days they used to say hire and fire. But now this is changed. Perform or perish.
    The present condition of many private Organisations including IT sector are not performing as expected. They are facing lot of threats. So every company is trying to reduce their liabilities. Down sizing of Employees is one such act. IT industries in earlier years brought revolution in salaries and job potential. They were not getting required people and they started paying high salaries. Those days manufacturing industry is not able to get good candidates because of IT. Then they were also forced to increase the levels of salaries. Now good manufacturing companies are paying good salaries. Slowly there is a change now. Industry in general and IT in particular is not very well. So they are advising all the employees to perform other wise they are ready to terminate them. Work levels also increased very high there. So we may see a little difficult times in future.
    Only those people we are performing will continue and non performers will perish. This is common in all private Industries.
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    Yes the world market has become fragile and not every company is getting order as expected or desired. So they cannot continue the same strength and with same salary. Either they have to cut the salary or take some action. Cutting the salary wont be accepted instead they are down sizing the employees and this instead of 10 in a project they are preferring 3 to 5 employees who are known performers without dissent voice. Unfortunately in government departments there is no such conditions and the non performers and even non attending employees are getting the salary burdening the exchequer. While recruiting and hiring the private companies are making it clear with bond and other conditions that they have the right to terminate the service even at short notice as their orders are depended on overseas situation for which the company in India wont be held responsible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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