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    What is schooling? What must our younger generation get from it?

    In today's world schooling has become all about board exams, coaching, entrance, tuition, etc. Even sports is considered extra curricular in majority Instituions. This is far different from how schools were envisioned 15 years ago. Is this schooling. Don't we see that the fields included under the term "Extra curricular " must actually be part of " curriculum". Are today's schools becoming instituions to enhance memory and aptitude skills and nothing more. How a schooling must be ?
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    Good post from the author. The so called professional schools which are almost working as corporate companies are not giving credence to sports and other activities. In the name of long term coaching, Olypiad and other new terms the schools are giving more credence to education but not to sports and other activities. Moreover the extended working hour force the students to be in school campus even up to late evening. So they are denied of meeting with other friends , no sports or no talent identifying plays or programs. All this make the student more boring and resigning from the active participating in education.
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    In my opinion schooling is to educate the man how to live. What is life?What we should do and what we shouldn't do should be taught in our schools. But these schools will teach for us to get qualified in the exam and giving you a certificate for earning. The life is not only for earning. we shouldn't live for earning. We should earn to live. Olden days people used to spend time with Gurus and they used to make them to gain the knowledge required to have a peaceful and happy life. That is the best way of schooling.
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    Yes, I agree to this thought. Schools today are focusing more on the studies part. The extra curricular activities have got lessen. I see children of class 1 and class 2 also carrying heavy lot of books for studies. Surprise and sad to see a lot of burden on small shoulders. Sports should be made necessary on daily basis in the curriculum. Physical exercises are very much needed for a healthy mind. There should also be arrangement of music classes on alternate days to refresh up the mood.
    In our school days, it was the best way of teaching. We always used to get a sports class for an hour always and our teacher used to make us run every time for staying healthy and fit, he kept us running until we get tired and stop, he used to stay right behind us and shouting if we stopped in our path.

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