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    Music or songs : the ultimate healer to your mood

    Our moods keep on changing. Sometimes we are very happy and in a while we get sad on unusual things. Sometimes we feel like dancing and singing. But sometimes, we just want to sit quietly at one place in complete silence. Mood swings are very common. And what is the ultimate healer to our mind when we feel sad or worried or tensed. It is obviously music and some nice songs, that refreshes our mind from the sadness. Music plays a great role to soothe us from all sorts of tensions for certain period of time. We just try to sway away with the lyrics of the song and keep our emotions intact there.

    Any sort of music, either it is rock, pop, classical, soft songs or if it very slow songs. Music relieves us and sometimes when we are happy, the rocking music plays perfect role, that could be Punjabi music - the one with highest pitch. Some people even prefer soft songs while travelling because then those songs mostly relate to the current scenario.

    I would thank our singers for singing such beautiful collection of songs for all of us. Without music, life would be so boring. There is even a famous quote for it "When words fail, music speaks."
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    Rightly opined by the author. When we are not having near and dear during trying times or when ever we are down with some challenges and could not cope up the deadline, music plays important role and soothes our mind and we go to the relaxed mood. In this regard I wish to state that instead of songs, instrumental music has more power to bring in more peace and relaxation. There are so many instrumental music audios and videos available on the internet and once can listen to them instantly and get pepped up with energy again. For me it has proven many times and I get huge satisfaction too.
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    You are very correct. Both music and songs play a great role in soothing our mind. As you have rightly said, mind swing is quite common to every human being. Depending upon the situation, I prefer to listen to music or song. Whenever I am tensed, I prefer to listen to light music. It relaxes my mind and I feel fresh and energetic.
    Similarly, when I am bored, I prefer to listen to songs. I am a great fan of K. Yeshu Das. and often listen to him, particularly some of his famous songs. The wording and tunes are so charming that they are bound to steal anybody's heart.
    In the early mornings, I listen to some devotional songs. They remind us of the Almighty and His greatness.
    However, I am not much fond of loud music and prefer to keep away from them except in weddings, parties or gatherings.

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    Yes, music can soothe our mind. Just now while writing this response, I am listening to the sitar of Pandit Ravi Shankar. It is a very soothing experience.
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    Music and songs give lot of relaxation and our mind will forget all our difficulties and make us happy. A baby of few months age also stops crying if she hears a good song or music. The music makes not only human beings but also animals and even snakes also. This is what was told in our olden days literature. We have seen many times a snake dancing as long as it hears the Nagaswaram. Music is divine and has lot of impact on our mind. When we are not able to concentrate on any issue, if we relax for sometime simply hearing music or songs , we will get fresh and we can concentrate more on our issues. I prefer light music and good songs to hear.
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    Hi Pooja,
    I agree with you. Listening Music is the best way to change the mood from sadness to happiness.
    I have tried many times.
    Thanks for the explanation.

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    Sure. Through music we can even cure many disorders. Many doctors accepting this. Sri Ganapathi sachithananda swamigal of Mysore declared this possibility through his wide research and released many musical cassets for curing various health disorders. The same can be downloaded through their Dattapeeta website.

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    Music is such a wonderful gift of God, it caters to the young and old, rich and poor, happy and sad alike. Music has been enriching the lives of man since ancient times. It can calm the agitated mind, win over the restless, elevate the depressed soul, alleviate pain and suffering and even stimulates the growing child within the pregnant mother.

    Music plays a wide role in healthcare too. Medical science has proven that music helps stroke(paralysis) patients to speak and to calm down the agitated patients who are in the intensive care units tied down to the bed. Surgeons can perform better with music while operating (not the loud disco numbers) and maintains harmony in the room.

    Age, sex, caste, creed, religion and geography are no barriers to Music. Music transend life forms, apart from humans even animals are influenced by music. Someone has even proven that plants grow faster when music is played!

    Yes, Music is far greater than the thumping jarring noise often played at gatherings or street functions.

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