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    Discussion on DSC2003 teachers issue

    CPS is the main issue in the state. Come to the issue of DSC2003 teachers, they wrote the exam in April, 2004 according to the notification for recruitment of teachers given in November,2003. Results were come in May, 2004 and dates of provisional list, certificate verification and appointment are given in the month of June, 2004. But, due to lack of unified service rules and running this issue in the court, government appointed teachers in the month of December 2005. In the month of September, 2004, Old pension system was abolished and new pension system was introduced. Contribution Pension System (CPS) is new pension system. ISC members, is it justified to implement new pension system to DSC2003 teachers?
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    I do understand the confusion galore as regards to DSC appointments during those years and the government was responsible for that mess. Now the present Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is very much having good thoughts about teacher and surely the problems faced by them would be sorted out. Author can bring the case to his notice and arrive for amicable solution. Government can take action with court and settle the issue once for all. When government is contemplating to issue new jobs for various departments including teachers, this old case should be solved without any problem.
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    Mohan sir, Once certain formalities have been completed then there is no need to delay the appointments. Such thing was happened in case of DSC2003 teachers. Only wrong was done by congress party at the time without proper thinking about DSC2003 teachers. Same problem is being faced by JLs, DLs, constables and some other departments. This problem is being faced by nearly 10000 employees throughout the state. This is a blunder mistake done by the government in 2004.

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    Never mind the mistake has been done by previous government. KCR may set right and take the whole credit of regularizing the appointments now and earn the respect of all teachers fraternity which would be useful for next election.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The NPS for Central Government employees have been made applicable for those employees who JOIN service on or after 1st January, 2004. I don't know the exact case of DSC-2003 teachers. But from common sense and present trend of recruitment process, even if the examination was held on time and result declared very quickly, they would not be able to join service before 1st January, 2004.
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    Recently, pay and accounts of Telangana has directed to respective departments to submit the details of salaries allotted CPS accounts of employees whose CPS accounts were not updated till 2010. That means till 2010, amount cut from the salaries were not taken into CPS accounts.This is the main lapse for CPS employees. Such CPS is to be avoided by DSC2003 employees as their situation is different comparing with the employees appointed as per notification in new pension system.

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    You have applied for the post,got selected for the post when old pension system was in force. But your appointment letter you got and joined after the NPS is introduced. This is what I understand from the thread. But for all practical purposes what ever rules are in force on the date of joining only will be applicable to the employee. This is the thumb rule. But your contention is the delay is not because of you but due to government delays. Government on its will never accept this statement. If there are many people who are suffering like this can make an association approach through teachers union to government for a consideration. Another way is to file a case in the court saying that your at a loss because of government delays. It may be of help or not, you can try these two ways.
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    KNCharyulu, please wait for at least two responses to come in before posting another from your side. Consecutive responses makes it look like a chat session rather than a discussion. I would also like to suggest that whenever you bring up such points as a thread, it would be better if, in addition to the main point you want to bring out, you give it a general touch so that more members who are not particularly aware about the regional orders etc can post their opinion/ views too.

    Members are requested to please continue with the main thread.

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    Srinivasa Rao sir, your opinion is inevitable. A platform was arranged to do the struggle to get back old pension system. This thread is intended to share views that are useful and express the idea about it to more ISC members if they are like in such case. In this website, I think that people related to different fields. May be, such cases come to unexpectedly. For that people it may be useful.

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