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    Simplicity : the beauty adorned in itself

    We have heard a famous quote on this, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Does Simplicity only means living a simple life, without any make up or so. Or, does it mean you are simple in living as in no demands and no tensions from life. Or you consider that you have gained very good experiences and knowledge in life and still you remain down to Earth with no firm expectations in any way.
    Yes, Simplicity is exactly the same. Simplicity can be derived from a person's nature to be calm, easy to understand, thoughtful yet peaceful. Simplicity is beauty in iteslf. When you remain simple, you show your easy going behavior towards people, you dress simple, you are humble and genuine every time.

    We can take the best example of Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the most simple and descent man on this planet. The great scientist and Eleventh President of India. He was the person whose "Hallmark was Simplicity." He carried them on his shoulders with his bright smile that touched millions of lives in our country. He used to find time for students to wish Good luck for their exams in his tweets. He used to appreciate young children and used to read everything or even a poem if any child used to offer it for him. He even used to find time to tweet to his followers. He respected elders and once even got time to meet his teacher who used to taught him in his early days. All these examples site about his nature of being a highly simple and down to Earth person. Hence I said, Simplicity imbibes beauty in itself. A simple person will always be beautiful in his living and his nature.
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    Yes by simplicity my thought would immediately connect to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi who is always mentioned by others that the greatness of that grand old man was his simplicity. The way he dressed with simple dhothi and wont wear a shirt would bring the same culture and tradition of living of our elders at the village and Gandhi choose to lead the same life even he was asked to attend the round table conference at London. So the meaning of simplicity was got from Mahatma Gandhi. And those who are simple, they are not only a show case for the world, but they are also inspiration for those who want to achieve something more in the life. Those who have simplicity in looks, simplicity in talking, simplicity in behaving and above all simplicity in pardoning others for their mistake would never be forgotten and always admired.
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    Being simple is very good. But these days everybody wants show off. They want to show their power and greatness always. But the person who understands the philosophy of life will remain simple. One of my distant relative who was running an Ayurveda medical manufacturing company is a very good example for this. He expanded the business not as a business but as a service. He is having lot of money and assets. But when we see him he was very simple man like any normal man. He was trying to help people who are not well off by giving appointment in his firm and seeing that they will have a reasonable life. He served as village surpunch unanimously for 4 terms. He spent his own money and brought the village to the level of a model village. I never seen him shouting on anybody and he was always helping them by donating money for important functions in their houses. He is an Ideal CEO, who brought company from scratches to 25 crore turnover company in 1980s.
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