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    Should the birthdays be celebrated lavishly or with simple celebration at home ?

    I just cannot understand that recent trend in the society where in huge amount of money is spent on birthdays and it is increasingly happening in urban and metro areas. Firstly big cut outs, felxi banners are erected with big images. When the birthday is purely a personal matter, why should others know with so much spending on banners ? Then comes the decoration of stage and hiring big hall for the bash. That is one more waste. Then big cake and followed by big bash and boozing. All this works out to big budget and the next day turns out to be no working day for hosts and guests . Any comment ?
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    Nowadays it has become a fashion to show off their richness through these celebrations. These times the Government is advocating marriages without much expenditure. But public is spending more money for these small small functions. This culture now already extended to villages also. They spend huge money for these functions. These functions are of no use actually. I don't understand why to advertise through holdings for the function in their house. All these actions indicate that Indians are rich and they have plenty of money. But in India the percentage of income tax payers are very less. Then how the other people who are not coming into an income level of Rs.5 lakhs a year are able to do all these expenditures. There is no answer to this question.
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    Celebration means when a person is enjoying his precious and memorable moments. It depends upon the way people celebrate. It should definitely be simple and enjoyable.
    Not necessarily that people are showing off in that case, it could might be their own way of celebration.
    Or it could also be because people are focusing more towards maintaining a good position in the society and having a raised standard of living. I agree with Rao Sir, there is no answer to this.

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    Celebration of birthdays has become a system these days. Depending on the weight of the purse the style of celebration vary. Even children have started copying this and parents find it difficult very often to meet their demands. In the lower classes as part of celebration children invite their friends to their residence and force parents to arrange a suitable party. A suitable cake will be made available ( it will be decorated with wishes and suitable sweet flowerd). Rooms will be decorated with balloons and colourful paper cuttings. The birthday child will have a cube like colourful cap. Candle light will be there. The birthday man will remove the lights and others will sing ' happy birthday'. Then cutting the cake sharing take place. The guests will hand over their gifts to the boy. A tea party will take place then. After the party guests leave with a return gift given by the birthday child. One can imagine how much money is spent for this.
    In the case of elderly people also these formalities are there. Actually, what importance is there for a birth day. Perhaps if possible eating with parents on that day will be the best one can do. Parents will be highly pleased by such an action.

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