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    What is your opinion on celebrating birthday in offices?

    As we always witnessed that celebration of birthdays of employees in private limited offices as I don't know it is also there in the public sector too. As some bosses involved in those ocassions and some bosses are against those types of ocassion in offices as they treat as time waste activity.Do you think celebrating a birthday in office is a time waste activity or it is a highly needed one for get together.Knowledgeable members,please post your views on this.
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    It is a wrong practice, i do not support it. Some people do this to please their boss or to impress co employees.
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    I worked in a private company where we used to celebrate birthdays of our colleagues and as per my opinion; it should be celebrated if you want to feel like a family at your work place.
    Cake cutting and eating a bit of snacks does not take much time. Every office has a lunch beak and a birthday can be celebrated during that break.
    The work of high priority must be attended first obviously but that does not take the whole day.


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    I feel it is the waste of time and also money to celebrate birthday in the office. First of all birthday is the personal matter of any Individual and we must leave to their discretion as to how to celebrate and with whom. Moreover some times the birthday is celebrated when the birth person would actually having some bad moments of life on that day. The celebration should not be a forced one and instead a mere wish mentioned on the entrance board of the office would suffice to bring in all cheers in the face of employee on whom birthday was celebrated. Spending much on bash was uncalled for.
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    Yes I think its waste of time and its expensive if its celebrated by each of persons pocket money. I mostly pay 100 Rs in every week for someone birthday but its now routine to do it.

    I think it should be celebrated at home only and one time not multiple place multiple time in a single day.

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    Celebrating birthdays in offices is a good practice. It gives employees a feeling of belonging. It will not take much time. During lunch time all employees are meeting. At that time just giving him a small bouquet and a greeting card and everybody saying happy birthday can be completed in maximum 10 to 15 minutes. The expenditure also will be in hundreds only. But the feeling the employee gets is very good. In our corporate office. on the day of birthday of the employee when he comes to office, HR department will give a bouquet and a greeting card. Later on all other employees as per their convenience come and greet him. Even CMD comes to the employee and wishes him if he is in the office on that day.
    This is a good practice and motivates the employee to get near to the Organisation. Once the employee gets that feeling his output will definitely increase. So it is good to say happy birthday to the employee on his birthday in the office

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    It is a very interesting thread. The psychology of people working in an office is very peculiar not only for office work but also for personal works being celebrated in the office premises.

    If someone proposes to celebrate the birthday of an employee in office most of the other employees will agree for it and there will be a general applause.
    It is the hidden psychology of the people which is working and always works whenever there is a change from routine office job.

    Strictly speaking it is not proper to hold any such parties in the office premises wasting the office time. In practice many successful bosses please their subordinates by allowing to hold such parties in the office premises and in fact they take very much interest in those parties and even direct them.

    Another example is of various pujas being done in office premises. One such consipicuous puja is that of Vishwakarma puja celebrated by technicians and engineers on which day even the laziest employee will be active to highest level.

    So these are the things already embedded in our systems and are inevitable on one pretext or other.

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    It is good to celebrate birthdays in offices. It creates a healthy environment among the colleagues. Effective Communication is very much needed to work in a team especially and that can be achieved by celebrations of such kinds occasionally.
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    I would agree with the idea of celebrating a birthday of a colleague at workplace provided it's not done with an ulterior motive of gaining a favor or positioning or internal politics. We all work in a relatively small space with various levels of dynamic interaction and stress. At times the work place would be so tense that everyone feels uncomfortable, the team has a setback, revenues drop and during such periods the morale in low and inter personal relationship are stretched.

    If one looks a the concept of a team, it has varied members with varied potential and varied preference but each one has to work for the benefit of the team and not for personal gain. In such instances, often team dynamics can potential turn sour. In fact, management gurus stress on team bonding sessions, team day outs, team informal meetings etc. I think a birthday party is a unique oppourintiy for the team to get together for a few minutes to wish and bless the employee success.

    At our workplace, we celebrate almost all birthdays of the team (15-20), wherein the cost is shared based on the individual's hierarchy and many times for the domestic staff, instead of a cake and a puff we have given a small household article, that they can use at home. The whole idea would be lost if the team or few go for a big event, splash money, waste undue time, except gifts or indulge in any inappropriate conduct that is unprofessional.

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    It's not wrong to celebrate the birthdays of our colleagues in office unless the person who is celebrating objects. We do celebrate in a small way in our office cafeteria, we get cakes for them and decorate their workstation to make them feel special.

    It's also a kind of get together for all the employees and by having small celebration it makes the person feel special. If at all a person is very particular about not celebrating their birthdays we do refrain from doing so.

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