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A special invite to ISCians to enrich our forum!
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    Let us get together to enrich the forum with more variety

    We have seen how our Forum section has been effectively used as a launching pad by most of the members who join this site. It has also been a training platform to work on their writing skills and understand features & guidelines with the help of fellow members.

    However, it is to be seen that once members spread their wings to contribute in other sections, most of them tend to keep away from the forum entirely. This is a little worrisome, don't you think? Expanding the field of contribution has always been welcomed here, but we thought it would be nice to initiate a thread just to give a friendly reminder to our members who are active in other sections to try and contribute in whatever way they can to Forums as well. That way, our forum will be enriched with a wider variety of thoughts from more members. Variety is, after all, said to be the spice of life!

    So why not come together to request our fellow members to participate in the forum too from time to time. Naturally, the choice will rest with them but we are just making this as a general request.
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    I welcome the honest effort and initiative by the Lead Editor. I hope LE has the briefing, support , concurrence and mandate from the editorial team,ME/WMs.

    The reason for my doubt stems from our experience in ISC all these years. In and out it was categorically made clear that Forum is not that important because forum does not have a good earning potential for ISC. Members like Mohan, Sun, myself and a few others were and are ardent forum supporters and our presence is mostly in forum. In our various threads periodically we were voicing for the encouragement of forum section. There were many threads expressing concern that Forum section is becoming less active, good quality threads and discussions are becoming less etc.

    K Mohan had his forum footer expressing his ardent support and priority to Forum section. He had declared that he hadearned his adsense revenue solely from Forum section.

    Somewhere at sometime in the past,there was obvious/ veiled attempt to derate, isolate and discourage forum section participants. When such an attempt was evident, even I came up with stringent worded response in support of forum and defending active forum participants.

    The discouraging efforts showed up in the quality and quantity. As a sequel reaction to the results, the forum section was slowly given some revival and encouragement by the implementation of the revised TOW contests, giving better and more frequent CC.

    However after sometime, from the various thread-many of them involving vilifications, allegations, and frontal attacks- getting life and indirect encouragement forum section started giving a wrong signal that controversy and controversial discussion is the bet for more hits and acceptance.

    I have always stood the stand that Forum section is like the entrance lobby, where any body who comes in meets all others and become familiar and exchange a lot. It is the decider of further activities. It is a sample of all the foot falls and footprints. An attractive lobby will encourage more to come in.

    Most people join ISC with a hope of getting money. The main page of iSC also promotes that hope.

    However when a new entrant finds that the lobby is not the place where he gets benefit, either he withdraws or proceeds to the inner spaces, simply whizzing past the lobby. Thus the Forum section has become a temporary familiarising place for new entrants and an occasional place for some random chat for others.
    That is why LE has to observe : "it is to be seen that once members spread their wings to contribute in other sections, most of them tend to keep away from the forum entirely. ".

    A few members(like this scribe) who do not have a prime aim of cash credits, and fresh members till they find other areas of focus, still linger on with forum as far as possible.

    Why would others spend their precious time, efforts incurring input costs when the same is not rewarding? A point to ponder.

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    Really the suggestion given by the Lead Editor is good. As an individual member I spend lot of time in forum section only. I post in Ask expert section also. But my prime time goes in forum section only. But I also feel that the encouragement given to forum section with respect to CC and points is not that much when compared to other sections. As mentioned in the above post, many members want to get the monetary benefit also. So they are going to other sections and spending more time there. Article Section and Job posting section gives more returns in terms of monetary benefits. So many will try to go to those sections. Hence the web managers has to see that the members who are spending time in this section also will get equal opportunities like other sections. Then all will try more and more in this section also.
    Forum section is very good to improve our language and writing skills. It will also give us more knowledge about various aspects of our life. Hope everybody will contribute to forum section also.

    always confident

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    It is very correct that forum section is the center to all the activities in ISC. I believe that all the members give some time out of their valuable time to forum. There may be few who may be more involved in article section and are not able to give time here.

    As far as 'Ask expert' section active people are concerned they are equally active in forums. Though many times we are having repetition of old issues in forum section but also we have totally new radical and surprising threads from the members time to time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I strongly support the views expressed by our L.E. Forum is the first place that creates an image about the site in the mind of the new entrants. It is the place where we step in for the first time, improve and hone our writing skills and start learning about how to present our writings online, interact with other members, develop a relationship (though virtual) with them ; sweet or bitter, get the first taste of online earning, learns the rules and regulations about the use of the site and many more.
    It is like our home place where we get all the attention of the management, editorial board and the senior members and turns as an author from a newbie. Once we feel ourselves confident and competent, we spread our wings to fly in the sky of ISC simply forgetting our hometown . It should not happen, at least we should spare some time for the place which is our root.
    At the same time, there is strong justification in the words of Venkiteswaran Sir, 'However when a new entrant finds that the lobby is not the place where he gets benefit, either he withdraws or proceeds to the inner spaces, simply whizzing past the lobby'. The management should think out of the box to make the lobby an interesting place so that the members, now almost detached from the forum, also get attracted and come of their own to spare some time here and enrich it with their valuable contents.
    I think if the management try to seek the suggestions of the members and/or arrange a contest on the ways to improve the forum, many members; old or new would come forward with their valuable suggestions.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Good that the importance of forum section has been opined and that shows that this section can also create impression and get able recognition to the authors if they make some sensible posts and also initiate some fruitful discussions on topics. I have been the ardent fan of this forum section since 8 years nearly now and I never got tired or feel like retired. In fact if the ISC would lift the quota for raising the threads , then I would be pleased to raise more and meaningful threads for discussions. I can assure the ISC that no thread would be repeated and every thread would be new and induce others to respond.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When I was new, I always thought that the people who are active in the forum are only the active members on this site. I was, of course, wrong (embarrassed at my wrong thinking).

    For me this forum has been a learning ground, a platform to learn and educate myself on different topics. I do love to read and contribute here and honestly speaking I have become addicted to this forum as I never know when time flies by when I go through the topics in the discussion forum. It has always kept me glued in, so with more creative and meaningful thread this can become even more interesting and happening.

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    Even I was not aware of the rest of the other sections like Article section that is there. I also just write on the forum only. Because once I saw articles from people what they wrote. They were really large ones. I have never written any article before, so still want to learn from the forum first, then will go forward.
    But altogether, it is a great learning experience to write on this forum. We always get great and useful suggestions and comments from the editors. And in that part, forum section of ISC has the best role in teaching everyone.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Very good thread and replies so far Since I am a new entrant, let's start with why newcomers join in the first instance. Many of us want to have a net presence and a platform like ISC for exchanging ideas, participating in current issues related to India and the world, to have a voice of our own, to enrich ourselves, to share our individual experiences and expert knowledge that we have gather over years and also sometimes to for monetary gain. I don't mind for whatever reason one joins as long as they are contributing quality inputs to ISC and its primary uses.

    Once we join we are like kids exploring a playground and then going to their favourties - a swing, a slide, a seesaw etc, after testing the waters we jump into an area we are all familiar with. In my case I found the forum excellent because i got a chance to interact with knowledge members, to learn views on common current issues , I was not comfortable with the article section, job section and ask the experts as I had to scroll through many pages to find something I was interested.

    We all have our 'comfort zones' and we are at ease within this, it takes time and reason to move out of this. In my case having been in forum for a few days, i've ventured out only once to write and submit an article. Moving on, in an active website like ISC with varying time available to be spent by a member or a contributor, it may not be possible for everyone to visit, read and contribute all the time.

    Once a member is active, his or her presence is useful for the website but only in a patricular section, then it may good for someone for the Editorial board to remind the member that 'Hey, ISC likes your presence in this section, we think you would love and be equally useful in the other sections like .....'

    Lastly contribution or presence for financial gains. It takes money to run a website like this and it generates revenue. Likewise if someone wants to focus on financial rewards but within the framework of ISC,then they should be treated as any other member who contributes in sections that don't have an good earning potential.

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    I was totally perplexed when I read this thread. Earlier the standard advice was: "First respond in Forum section and then venture out to other Sections." Now the situation has become opposite. I fully support the view expressed by Mr. Venkiteswaran in this regard.

    I feel that every Member must give stress in those Sections in which he/she is most comfortable. He/She should not change his areas listening to others' advice.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I feel forum section is the prime section of this site. Perhaps that may be the reason that more members are at it. Of course, I have not compared the numbers of participants in each section. In Ask Expert section also more participation is found. ( in that section every reaction is paid - will this be a reason for attraction?
    However the editor' s suggestion is welcome and hope that this forum will be more active.

    Gold Member ISC

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    When we advise members to contribute to the forum & then move to other sections, we have not instructed them to discontinue with forum participation entirely. Nor have we discouraged forum participation per se. What we were against was the constant manner in which some members got the tendency to submit inane replies just for the sake of garnering points. This conveyed wrong signals and we found others following in the same footsteps.

    Even repetition of the same type of topic - facing challenges and recovering from setbacks for example, are the two most repeated topics in our forum - has created boredom. It is thus refreshing to see new members in recent times coming up with interesting topics for discussion and regular participants pitching in with good views. That is why Saji Ganesh came up with this initiative. If new members & regular participants can enrich the forum with great team work, why not those contributing to other sections also spend a little time in the forum as well?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I would like to address the issue of cash credits separately. Please note a couple of points -
    1. We have often enough pointed out that if the forum is the place where members are looking for earnings, it should not be the main source to look out for such earnings. That, yes, takes members away from the forum, but we were just pointing out true facts, not as such encouraging members to quit the forum entirely.

    2. Forum editors do give cash credits to good threads and responses. In fact, we have in recent times increased the cc from 5 to even 8 and 10 for really good threads. Some of the responses have got 5 or more too and not just 2 or 3cc.

    3. You may suddenly see a hike in your points or cc when re-calculating your earnings even if you have not recently submitted something. That is the handiwork of forum editors, whom I had instructed to make a round of the threads once in while to give cc for a thread or for some response submitted earlier that was overlooked initially. I myself make such rounds, sometimes towards month-end before the payment is announced, going through the threads in a systematic manner, category-wise. This way, in case some complaint has not been addressed, it will also be dealt with, albeit late.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I shall apologize in advance if this response of mine go a little harsh but I couldn't stop replying after reading the consecutive responses of our M.E.
    I have a few questions for the management, specially the editorial team of this site. Are they also not members of this site? If yes, then do they not also feel it a part of their responsibility to keep the forum vibrant with some contributions from their end; if not daily, but once or twice a week? How many of you do that? Can you confess honestly that besides doing your editorial assignments, you are playing your role as a member as well?
    This is no allegation but being attached with the site for almost six weeks now , and on the basis of what I have observed during the period, I regret to say that the contributions of this elite class of members (editors) in the forum section can be seen only once in a blue-moon.
    I do agree that being an editor you have plenty of responsibilities to perform and they consume all your time. But haven't you taken up that responsibility voluntarily? Was/is there any condition that an editor should refrain completely from the forum section? Does that mean that all of you are so busy with your editorial responsibilities that you really have no time to post in any other section? Questions are many. Please ponder for a while, keeping your editorial tag aside.
    I shall end with the famous proverb, 'First practice then preach.'

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Nomita at #608762, you have got a point there and this point was raised earlier too by some of our senior members whenever a general request was made to the members seeking their support to make the forum section more rich in content, creativity and activity. I won't say that you are wrong with your observation but I would like to tell you sincerely that editors, with their load of work in ISC in addition to their personal and official work may not be able to raise a thread quite often. Let us not forget that most of these editors has been active contributors to the forum before being assigned with new responsibilities. I assure you that your criticism has been taken positively and reiterate our promise made earlier that we will also surely be part of the attempt now.

    I hope the message we tried to convey through this thread is quite clear. It is just a request to members who start off with forum, remain active there for a few weeks or months and then abandon it completely to be back, at least in between, with their threads/ responses. It is not, in any way, a suggestion even. The request has arisen from the fact that we can have a more vibrant forum if we have more active members participating in the same. The attempt is not to find faults but is a call to all the members (including editors) to co-operate and be a part of this drive.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    We start from forum section and then move on to other more difficult ones, its true.
    Forum section is the centre of all activities and always vibrant. You feel a lot of traffic here sometimes very fast and you are even not able to catch up with it.
    Anyway those who are attending to other sections are not forgetting this and time and again visiting it to refresh their forum times.
    So whatever it is forum is the place where we can spontaneously chat and exchange knowledge with each other.
    I hope this section flourishes with time and become a benchmark to contemporary thinking of the educated masses.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I did not find your response harsh at all. It is very much a fact & the need of the hour for editors to be more active in the forum. Those who are regular seem to be just Saji and Jagdish and once in a while Kalyani too. I ruefully admit that I myself have not been able to practice what I preached, that we should continue with active forum participation alongside contributing to other sections. In fact, ever since I joined ISC, I have loved the way members interact here on varied topics. It is very insightful to know about others views on something as that gives you a broader perspective of things. I find myself mentally saying "That's an interesting angle".

    In fact, I had even made this grand promise to be active in the forum too when there was a thread in which a request was put to editors to submit threads and be more active in forum discussions. Did not keep that promise!

    Quite often, I do get overwhelmed by lot of edits to be cleared and when I find time, what do I do? I write articles or submit job posts. I open tabs of interesting threads where I would like to respond, but then find myself running out of time because I am giving preference to submitting where I can earn. I wish I would make a very conscious effort to spend at least about 15 minutes daily to just enter into forum discussions if not the entire time I am online (the latter is what I did in my first couple of years at ISC & was thrilled to get a clutch of best forum supporter awards too). That's an honest to goodness wish!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I would be only happy if the forum becomes more vibrant. I had always stated that in forum I feel a direct interaction with other members and forget that it is a virtual form; but a real life across-the -table discussion.

    However now and then we get testimonials from members about their ad sens and cc earnings from ISC. It was the 'Job section' that was the prime earner. The second was articles section.
    Time spent in posting a sensible and valid thread or response earns a maximum of 5 points. However with a few more number of words if the same is posted as an article the minimum we get is 20 to 30 points and so much cash credit also. A casual surfing through the article archives can show us that some write ups not worth in our lower secondary school essay also had received good points and cash credits. Naturally that tempts members to post in those sections rather than in forum section.

    Frankly admitting, I do not know the tricks of trade of online content writing. Hence I restrict myself to forum section and occasionally writing an odd article for the article contests. I answer some questions in AE section where can write from my own experience or learning, impromptu.

    Hence I find the following statements one from Lead Editor and the other from Managing Editor as more realistic and practical. I lend my support to that.

    1."It is just a request to members who start off with forum, remain active there for a few weeks or months and then abandon it completely to be back, at least in between, with their threads/ responses. "

    2."If new members & regular participants can enrich the forum with great team work, why not those contributing to other sections also spend a little time in the forum as well?"- a home coming periodically that!

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    Vandana Madam,
    I am really happy that you have read between the lines of my last post and didn't take that otherwise.
    Madam, most of the new members joining here everyday need some encouragement and motivation to continue. As is seen, the senior members are playing their part well by encouraging them and motivating them in every possible way but...
    Just consider the case of a little student in a lower class. He will be happy if his classmates admire him but he will be happier if he gets a pat or a word of encouragement from his teacher.
    The members may not always be financially gainer (Though the main page of the site claims so!) but can't they even expect a little appreciation from the teachers (Editors here) for the time and energy they have invested to prepare and write a thread?

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Nomita Mitra @608762, Nice that you are actively participating in this discussion and taking it to some relevant levels with genuine questions stemming straight from your heart. Only a relatively new member can do that. I do not feel you committed any grave error to seek apology. However, polishing the language with slightly changed phrasing and construction can make it appear less personal and targeted. Experience can bring that.

    Before touching on the core point you made, I would generally suggest that we may avoid seeing Editors as class enemy or target them. While editors have additional benefits and priority over ordinary members, they also have their own limitations, responsibilities and insecurities too. I genuinely feel that the remuneration for editing is not worth the efforts and time spent, in absence of the additional benefits.

    However that does not make your point irrelevant or any less important. I am coming t the core point you raised .

    I am not fully convinced by the justification Managing Editor has given for lack of participation in forum. I admit that editors have their hands full with work of various kinds.
    However, with all those engagements and lack of time even ME, had posted many articles, job posts SE answers, school/college posts and information updates. Data for two months period from 1st July 2017 to 31st August shows that ME had posted 13 articles,68 job posts,10 school posts 4 resource responses, which earned her a total of Rs1034 as Cc and 1419 points. The contribution towards forum was 17 threads and 161 responses earning 477 points and just 2 rupees.(The forum threads were mostly announcements and responses were mostly clarifications or explanations to ISC related matters)

    I applaud the frankness and honesty of ME to accept that when she says " I am giving preference to submitting where I can earn."

    Let us face the facts.

    Editors have additional period for ad sense. Editors and content developers get training in online content development and editing. Which means some exclusive knowledge and tips on making contents get visitors and thereby revenue. Continuous exposure and some exclusive knowledge tips from training and exposure about trending topics, evergreen topics etc.make them have an advantage over ordinary layman members.

    So when editors write articles those will have better quality and stand better chance to get more points, more CC and, subsequently better adsense revenue.. So let us admit and accept that it is normal that editors also may give preference to revenue/CC earning sections. We may concede that.

    In employment, when an employee is assigned some higher responsibilities, continuing in the same cadre entitling additional compensation, it is expected of them to to take up that extra work after fulfilling heir normal responsibilities and duties. That logic entails editors to shoulder additional burden here.

    I am sure, Nomita Mitra has raised her post based on this logic.

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