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    Jokes to relax please

    One time a man went to hear upanyasam in a mandap.on hearing he slept over by leaning on a pillar.Another man lean on him and watched the same.After completion of upanyas he returned home and his wife asked how the upanyasam.He replied it was one man's Weight.
    One asked an Advocate : What is the difference between Mahabharata and Ramayana?? Stunning Ans: Mahabharata was a land dispute case and Ramayana was a Kidnapping case
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    Good Jokes. Nice to read.
    A joke, I read somewhere.
    We all store phone numbers of our friends, relatives and family members. In a phone the contact list is as given below. Just for fun
    Mummy New,
    Papa 2,
    Wife old,
    Mother in law jio,
    Husband India,
    wife temporay
    husband temporary.

    The list goes on. Just for fun and relax.

    always confident

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    hahaha... That was funny!!

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