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    How to add an excerpt from an interview

    If I want to include excerpts from an interview, what is the right way to do that? Because the words of that person would be exact and we won't be able to append anything to it, as those were his exact words.

    I had posted an excerpt of an interview in the forum, but it got deleted, I believe it might be because of copyright violation not sure though. If that was the reason for deletion please guide me how we can post such expert's from the interview, as we can't write it in our own words of a person's speech.

    But if the deletion of the post is due to some other reason, I don't mind it's ok! But I really need guidance in this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Neethu, your thread in question was deleted because you had just posted the excerpts from a speech by Rahul Gandhi and that does not as such call for any discussion. A thread can have 'some 'excerpts or quotes but then there should be views by the author and he/ she should bring out a point for a general discussion wherein lies the soul of this section. Not that we do not allow some threads which does not basically call for a discussion at times as an exception due to different reasons including encouragement of a new author etc, but it is not encouraged as a rule. Hope I could clarify your doubt.
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    Thank you, Mr. Saji for guiding and clarifying my doubt. you can lock this thread. I was confused how can I write in my own words of an interview given by another person.

    It's clear now.

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